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Author Topic: Did You write? Feb 08, 2010
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Did You write? Feb 08, 2010

One moment, you are sitting, enjoying your life, The next moment you realize that it is almost Monday and you have not written yet. You have a decision to make. Report that you did not achieve your potential, or sit down for a few minutes and write SOMETHING on your present work in progress? One might start on some vague idea that you have no intention developing so you just have something written. If you write, then this note will have done its job. It got you to put something on paper and one step closer to having developed a habit to write.
'What is written, how much is written, is unimportant here. Others might not even consider it writing. As long as you DECIDE to call it writing, it counts. Along with any new writing, and any editing (since few of us can write perfectly the first time, and can be someone else's work), poetry, blogging, article writing, technical writing, world and character development, writing assignments, and even E-mails (as long as it is wordy and pertains to story or writing) can all be writing. Critiquing and other assistance to other writers, also count. It really is what you decide to be writing, counts.

As for me, I did write. I added two pages, which is 1459 words. I expended a lot of words with my writing partners on the story too, and also sat with my drafting program and drew up the area the story is happening, and the bottom floor of the building it happens in. The drawings have problems, but it gives me something to work from.
I am in an excited mode about the story and am already seeing a third new story in the series to get in all that needs to be handled before I get to rewriting the rest of the series. This is a fun stage of writing.

In my story ideas, I am in an idea creation stage. I am coming up with two and three ideas on many days this week. I love that. ON the posting front, I am a day behind. I got home late last night. That does not matter as I still have the whole month to catch up on.
Counting what I am posting today, I have 44 story ideas on the compost pile. Just about all the top ten in the stack is worth writing soon.

I am in a period where I am trying to get ready for an art show at the end of next month. My problem is that there is all sorts of things getting in the way of my spending my weekends working wood. I am going to a renaissance fair next weekend. Another day of not working wood.
I am getting results though. It dawned on me that when I start on a "real" carving, (not little hand held ornament sized figurines), I start out very gingerly, not exactly sure what I am doing. There comes a point where I have gotten far enough to where I can really dig in with gusto as I know what I am doing, at least for a while. Later, I will get into detailing and work gingerly again.
I am working on several projects at once, and this weekend, I made big headway on three projects. I am carving a flower vase where the base has the shape of a flower pot and there are a series of knots around the top that are the centers of the flowers. Last weekend, I fought with the leaf shapes.
This weekend, it actually looks impressive, even if it is barely started. the stems, flowers, and leaves are now raised above the background and really looks like something.
I had to remake a system for making platters easily and figured out a new trick that actually will make it easier to do. I made a platter and did not have to fight it the way I used to, I then printed a picture with a design I needed and have started carving the design on the plate,
I also attached the handle on beer stein I am making and redesigned the mechanism for lifting the lid. the lid is not attached yet, but I solved a design problem I had. My sister in law saw it and said she wanted a set of them. All I can say is that making one has been a trial. I am not likely to make a set...

A friend told about where when he was working in front of the customer, he worked slowly. When the customer left, he would kick into overdrive and get a whole lot of work done while they were gone. it helped keep the customer from watching him work.
For all the above as a story idea,
The watchers insisted that workers work with approved methods on the job. No short cuts, no applying one's self, no making use of natural talent. One is not to make anybody else feel bad because they are not as good.
She was given the job to get a project done for an official festival. She saw she had plenty of time. A month before the festival, the watchers started preparations for the festival and the workers were required to go to meetings, do training work on other one-time projects in preparation. they had less or no time to work on Saturday Workers were expected to work on Sunday, but there were no watchers, which was a day off for them.
She needs to get the work done, along with her normal work, so she decides that, since there are no watchers, no one important is going to complain if she goes against the rules on Sundays.
She comes in early and leaves late(against the rules). Instead of making each part one at a time, she instead stacks them and makes them in batches (also against the rules). She takes other short cuts and she applies herself at the best of her ability, and she is much better than anybody else in her department.
There are complaints by a few other workers about her, but since the watchers never saw her do it, they cannot do anything about it.
When the festival comes up, Everybody is taking advantage of the Sunday with no watchers, having friendly competitions on who can make the parts faster, at a higher quality, and get their other work done besides.
Their division is the only one that was fully ready for the festival. the watchers are really proud of the displays and the division leaders among the watchers all get accolades for their work.
The workers back down on Sundays, taking things easy, but will work at full skills if they have to catch up. That division never had a late project again.

As to the question of the week, I can proudly say



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Yes, I did. A lot of it was work on the query letter or revisions. But I also wrote a new short story for the February trigger challenge.
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I wrote 500 words on the Feb trigger.
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Lots of editing and thinking about other stories. I don't seem to be able to actually start something else while the current WotF story is in the works. I guess I just need to follow it through.
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Some new fiction, some editing, a blog post, some critiques, and some banging of my head on the desk. So all in all, though small in quantity, there was plenty of writing activity this past week
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I finished a first draft of The Chapter Of Death, Doom and Destruction (the same 15K I've been trying to write since October - it's a long chapter). Triumph!
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540 words.

Not nearly as much as I'd like.

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Robert Nowall
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As mentioned last week, I had a terrible cold. So, roughly, Sunday night through Thursday afternoon were downtime with the cold, and then till now was recovery from the cold (a lot of lingering congestion---happens every time, lasts for weeks). I missed two days of work---the work that pays me money---and came home exhausted when I did go in. For a time I couldn't have the TV on, the chattering giving me a bad headache.

So even when I was technically "better," I took a step back and, in favor of rest, did no writing.

However I'm feeling better now and might resume at any time, perhaps later today.

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Yes, I wrote: Revisions to two short stories and one scene in my primary novel-in-progress, critiques, and an expanded summary of a potential novel.
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