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Author Topic: Did You Write June 13, 2011
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Did You Write June 13, 2011

I am running really late so this is going to be short.
This is a place to brag about your accomplishments or cry about your failures. By reporting, even if you did not write, it will remind you that this next week, you need to open some work in progress so you can report favorably.

I usually give a list of things that is writing. In essence, if you have to ask if it is writing, it is.

On the writing front, I had a lot of long days which ate into my writing. I ended up adding only two pages, and a thousand words. Dissappointing.

On the story idea front, I have 42 story ideas in the compost pile.

I tried machining a part this weekend. I wanted to cut a slot on the edge of it. I set it in place and prepared to make sure it was held down and straight. Surprise! I don;t have anything to reach up that high. I have two choices, make a special part, or get longer bolts and a lot of nuts. Will see how that works.
Since that project failed after spending several hours, I went to my brother's house and banged on some metal at the forge. I need to come up with a good project. I have started pounding first then getting ideas of what to make.

As to the question of the week, I can say

YES, I DID WRITE (even though it was not as much as I hoped)


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Yes, still mostly involved in the second draft of SEVEN STARS.

Plus several crits and two blog posts.

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I've had strep throat the past week. Thus, I tried to sleep it off and bye bye morning writing/reading time.

I'm trying to get caught up on my crits and reviews at this point. However, I did selfishly bang out a few pages on a novel I started like two years ago and only got 28 pages into.

Not sure where I drudged up inspiration for that poor, lost soul.


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Yes! I've been writing using the website 750words.com and it's fantastic. It's writing for geeks! Words per minute, themes explored, metrics out the yin yang, and just coolness. And a big 'ol plain paper for you to type in each day. Emails to harass yourself with - remind yourself to write each day, etc.

I'm thoroughly enjoying it and am 5k words into a new novel. Wish me continued luck, I'm a burst writer that only writes here and there, but then writes LOADS!

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Finished up and posted a chapter for the fanfic I'm working on. Kind of a lazy week, but I do enjoy that story a lot.
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Finished a short but am now editing, so nothing more for at least a week.
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Robert Nowall
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With a last five-hundred-word burst, I finished the draft of my revised story---but did not begin nitpicky revisions on that draft, or start something new in its place.

Seemed kinda hectic this past week...elsewhere 'round here, you may have read of my adventures setting up a Nook Reader, with added adventures of setting up a WiFi network in order to set up my Nook Reader...plus I began one of my semi-annual timewasters, the cutting-up and taping in spiral notebooks of my supply of printed-out comics. But it seemed kinda hectic even with all that...

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Yes. I wrote. A meager 1140 words towards a WIP I'm a little stuck on. Wrote on break at work.

Nothing on the rewrite of Between Darkness and Light, my "finished" novel.

The day is young...

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I didn't quite reach the 4K mark this past week, probably because I spent a good portion of my time editing. Although...I also managed to write another writing-related Bloggathah entry.


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Yep, not a lot of progresss, but I might have a title (The House of the Stars), then again I may not. Anyway, past 20k of actual wordage, plus notes and outline stuff.
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Yes I did. Unlike the last 3 weeks, I did most of my writing during the week, versus weekend. So that was new for me. Got another short story done, so that is 4 weeks in a row. Will be tough to do this week as I am travelling all week.

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I decided to wait a day or three to post this.

I finished my story...now have to decided on which other one to do. I have one that my wife inspired... no it's not a she monster story... its based on two of her crafts that she sells.. and I have a shifter story plus a UF story both inspired by covers on recent Dean Wesley Smith's short stories. deanwesleysmith.com. The UF story is based on the cover of the romance novel story under a pen name and the shifter is based on another one with what looks like a naked woman sitting on a boulder in front of a building. The thing is I don't do werewolf stories but there it was.

And I wrote crits, and E-mails.

A tiny bit on New Mage.

Still waiting to revise "Storm Born"

Still collecting crits on various chapters for Bright Lights.

And a post or two on http://musingsofle.blogspot.com

And of course posts here... still doing too many of them.

A PS here. I started the wifie story today, And one of the ones based on that romance cover. I say one of them because I decided to do two stories based on that cover. The one I am doing now will be a flash story... Or so I hope.

[This message has been edited by LDWriter2 (edited June 18, 2011).]

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I did write. I did a lot of revising on my WotF story and found it not to be worthy, so I wrote a new story. It tipped the scale at 8K words, so I did write.
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