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» Hatrack River Writers Workshop » Forums » Open Discussions About Writing » Did You Write - March 25, 2013

Author Topic: Did You Write - March 25, 2013
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Omg, I was so busy writing, I almost forgot to post this.

It's that time of the week again, time for the kick in the pants. The idea is that having somewhere to report progress will spur you on to make some. So I'm posing the question to all of us here. Did you write this week? As we have been reminded in the past, writing for the purposes of this thread can mean just about anything you want. You did some editing? Report it here. Outlining, pre-writing or any other kind of prep work? Sure, that counts too. And, of course, writing new work always counts.

I did a fair bit this week. I finished the outline for the novella with my Necromancer, and tweaked it until I was happy with it. I also got in another 1-1.5k on the outline for my next novel. Then it was drafting time for the novella. I wrote the first 21.5k over the weekend, with Sunday being a personal best 10k words in one day. They might even be decent words. [Embarrassed]

Beyond that? A couple of blog posts and critiquing a couple small pieces for friends on Twitter. I'm also in the process of doing a full novel crit for another friend there.

And, last but not least, some early prep for going to Norwescon next weekend. It'll be my first con and I'm both nervous and looking forward to it. Probably put a dent in next week's productivity, but I can live with that. [Smile]

That's it for me. What about you? Did you write?


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Yes, I wrote. Mostly on my current WIP "Magic and Power" which is now over 26,000 words.

Also, a couple of crits and two blog posts.

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Grumpy old guy
Member # 9922

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Quite a few pompous and boring posts here and a few blog posts HERE and, that's about it, unless you count twitter: @writer_phil [Big Grin]
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Robert Nowall
Member # 2764

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That poem / song lyric I've been working on? Well, after stalling out again on the draft, sometime over the weekend I heard an old folk song on my iPod. (Over five thousand tracks, which I like to let play at random.) I liked the rhythm of it...and this morning I sat down, recast what I'd written to that tune---and finished it, nine stanzas and a chorus, in about a half hour.

Now I've got to dig out my story, integrate some of my lyric into the story, and (probably) do a little more polishing and revising. But I'm past it now and can (hopefully) move on to other things.

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Member # 9757

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Took down my old blog and started over from scratch. Same address here. Revising and updating some cover art, and adding a bit to book two of the trilogy. And lots of checks for various bills.
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Member # 3233

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Fought a bug last week.
It used Kung Fu. Somehow, with the help of the doctors, I was able to beat it back.
Writing evening E-mails was tough. It is hard to sound intelligent when each keystroke brings up three keystrokes nowhere near your fingers.....

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Member # 8501

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Began the second novel of a series... about 4,000 words. Rewrote a WotF story, adding a couple of thousand words. Slowed up by watching all of season 2 of Game of Thrones. [Smile]
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Member # 9213

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Chipping away at what Nick T would call another "lyrical and themed" Dr. Bob tale.

Just another medieval sf love story on a far planet in the far future. No Jewish elements at all this time. I'm striving for under 9K words, but we shall see.

Dr. Bob

[ March 28, 2013, 08:03 AM: Message edited by: History ]

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Heresy you're doing good

Meredith great sounding title can I read it? [Wink]

Grumpy you should see some of my blog posts.

rc nice looking redone blog.

rste wondered what type of bug that was until you mentioned the doctors.

Owasm go for it--it'll be great.

Bob, what not another "lyrical and themed" medieval sf love story on a far planet in the far future??? All writers do those do something original for a change. [Wink]

Can't wait to read it.

Now for me:
Yep I wrote and how.

On my two novel WIPs

On a new story or two.

On finally revising my '12 NaNo novel.

On Finally second revision of Two Struggles.

Revising a couple of stories to send out. One I'm doing now--that I'm procrastinating on right now--is taking more work to revise than usual. I may not have it ready for this weekend. It's my relationship tale that happens to have a vampire, tough female police officer and low powered wizard in it.

Sundry posts and E-mails and notes HERE

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Member # 1629

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Thanks, LD. It looks like you're doing well yourself.


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