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Author Topic: NSG 5/4 - 5/10
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Welcome to this week's Novel Support Group (NSG). Anyone can join. If you're new, tell us a bit about who you are and what project you are working on. Feel free to update the NSG Work in Progress thread with your current projects. Although we can report on any number of things, here is a list of suggestions (suggestions welcomed).

  • What were your goals last week and did you accomplish them?
  • Describe what you worked on.
  • Set goals for next week.
  • Did you learn something during this week?

Here is a list of things that you can do each week as we work on our novels (suggestions welcomed).

  • Writing on a novel
  • Characterization
  • World Building
  • Relevant research


Last Week's Goals

I didn't do anything for last week's goals but I did start some writing on the research articles I've been wanting to write for my future blog entries. Not sure how much I got written but it may have been around 500 words or so. It's a start.

My goals for next week:

  • More Article Writing

Continue research article(s).

What did I learn this week?

I'm in the middle of launch a new website and just barely remembered this. I have something for my learned section but will need to upload this later. Sorry.


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Last Week's Goals:

MAGIC'S FOOL: Wait for feedback.
Got the feedback. Now I have to figure out how to make the changes. [Smile]

FIRE AND EARTH (formerly known as SEVEN STARS): Two more queries out this week.
Yes. [Smile]

BLOOD WILL TELL: The hard part (for me)--marketing.
Eh. A little. That's why I said it was the hard part. [Smile]

BLOOD IS THICKER: Let it rest.
Easy one. [Smile]

MAGIC'S APPRENTICE: Work through Chapter 5 first draft.
Yes. [Smile]

THE BARD'S GIFT: Continue with the first draft.
Not yet. But I'm ready to rip on it tomorrow. [Smile]

Update my blog twice a week.
Yes. [Smile]

Next Week's Goals:

MAGIC'S FOOL: Figure out what changes I need to make to improve this story.

FIRE AND EARTH (formerly known as SEVEN STARS):
Two more queries out this week.

The hard part (for me)--marketing.

Let it rest.

This goes on the back burner now, for when I get temporarily stuck on THE BARD'S GIFT.

Start working on this seriously. At least the first two chapters.

Update my blog twice a week.

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Yep I Wrote---oops wrong thread. [Smile]

Angel Kin--surprise, I wrote in this book. For a few days I've been feeling like I need to get back to it. So I did. And as I tried to remember what was happening, if anything, when I left off I realized that I had forgotten something. My MC-Tessa- starts to work with the bad guys without realizing the are bad guys. They are trying to seduce her onto their side so they act like friends which she wants very much to have. In fact they tell her where her abilities come from as part of the process to seduce her. So I had to set up a meeting with them so she can start working.

As it works out Angel Kin's Tessa has the same abilities from the same source as Stone of "Stone Within" . At one point I was kinda thinking of Tessa and thought up the opening for "Stone Within". I felt it was what Angel Kin should be but now I think Angel is what it should be. So I'm doing both. Oh, Stone may have one or two abilities that Tessa doesn't have.

Worked on Stone -- That MC has met the police officer who will become a friend and maybe more than a friend, now she is investigating missing homeless people. She has found evidence of a small paranorm creature. Probably way too small to be responsible for the disappearances but one never knows with them. But I had the thought that it could become a friend--maybe the hell hound she fought with in chapter one or a pigmy pegasus or ???

Didn't work on "Two Struggles". Way behind on that. I'll be working on it all this month.

Didn't work on my Space Opera I was hoping to start the revision process on that one too but nothing.

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Uh...I didn't really set any, outside of getting my WotF entry into the hands of my fellow Group One'ers. Now that I've accomplished that...!

Metzgerhund Retreat (novelette series): Finish one first draft, choreograph one new story, and crank out at least 3K new words.

(mainstream novel): It's about time I get back to this story. My goal for this week will be simple: get reaquainted with the story and the characters. If I write any new words, that'll be a bonus.

Several things:
1) The Stanley Cup playoffs is a huge drain of potential writing time for me. Duh. I already knew that. I go through this every season.
2) Just because I watch the entire triple overtime game does not ensure that my team will win it. More squandered potential writing time. But, at least I'm getting better at line editing and cranking out new words during the intermissions and commercials.
3) I hate my playoff beard. It's annoying, it makes me look old(er), and it's not even doing me the honor of growing in evenly. It's a tradition of mine to grow a 'writer's playoff beard' until I've finished a particular story, but this time I told myself that I would combine the writer's beard with the traditional hockey beard until (1) my story was complete, and (2) my team either hoisted the Stanley Cup or their golf clubs. My story was finished a week ago. I was just about to grab the razor, but noooooooooooooo...my team is still alive, which means so is my beard. What did I learn? Don't combine 'beard' traditions...especially when I don't have any influence on the outcome of one of them.


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Got my first personalized rejection for Null Prophet this week, and sent out two more queries. Also made some good progress on research for North.

Next week I'll continue research and send out another query or two, and do a critique for my workshop at the end of the month.

What I learned: Sometimes it pays to dig deep. I thought I might be going overboard doing full astronomical charts (sun & 3 moons), but in the process I caught several flat-out errors that I never would have realized otherwise.

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