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Author Topic: Greetings
New Member
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Hello all

I'm working on getting a story down that has been developing and evolving in my head for 10+ years now. I have no writing experience, outside of writing exercises for some english college classes.

As far as my creative background goes I'd have to say my "experience" would be in tabletop games, I've been running (DM/GM'ing) different tabletop games for 20+ years. with multiple games spanning 2-5 years per campaign of weekly sessions. I think that has given me some strengths in coming up with plot hooks and solving story "problems", but left me weak in the more "writey" aspects of writing [Smile]

On the story that has been evolving I have had several false starts over the last couple years. Just to clarify the story is not set in any existing setting, and is not anything I have ran as a tabletop game. It is sci-fi set only 100-150ish years into the future. I just recently ordered OSC's How to Write Sci-fi & Fantasy and Character and Viewpoint, hoping they can help get me started in earnest. Once I think I have a workable beginning I will begin posting sections for review as I dont have many people around to work as critics.

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Grumpy old guy
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Welcome. Jump write in, the water's fine. I spent many a year kriegspieling the Napoleonic wars. It didn't really help me with plot and structure, but it did give me an insight into cause, effect, and consequence, as well as a deeper understanding of what is important in conflict (and it isn't just confined to warfare)--defeating the enemy.


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Welcome, Makari. Just out of curiosity, are we talking short story or novel?
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gotta say, the forum is more active than the amount of posts and timestamps between topics would have led me to believe, was not expecting multiple reponses within minutes
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Welcome to the treehouse.

If this is your first story, you might not really know where it starts until you write the end. Just write it. Let the first draft be bad. (Secret--ALL first drafts are bad.) The only object of the first draft is to get the story down. (Yeah, I have to keep reminding myself of that and I'm working on my 14th novel.)

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Disgruntled Peony
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Hi! I'm a gamer too, so I understand where you're coming from. (Equal parts D&D and World of Darkness, with other assorted games mixed in because I like trying new systems.)

I'm going to warn you right now: when you're just starting out, writing is a bitch. I'm going to let you in on a little secret: it doesn't get easier. For me, at least, it's actually gotten harder because my personal standards for my own work have risen exponentially over the years. You will, however, get better. Practice, practice, practice. Don't be afraid of cutting and editing after the first draft. It hurts, but it's worth it. (I have a bad habit of cutting and editing DURING the first draft. I'm trying to break it.)

Above all, don't get discouraged by criticism. It can feel harsh, at times, but most people are only trying to help. There are some very difficult truths to be learned about the craft of writing, and sometimes the only way to learn them is by making the same beginner's mistakes that everyone does. Because, believe me, it happens.

Welcome to Hatrack! Hope you enjoy your stay. [Smile]

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Good day.

The game-master / author synergy can be lots of fun, but Phil is right that it's a different ballpark. You lose a lot of improv-theater and gain a lot of language control.

I'd second Meredith's advice. Write and write and just enjoy writing. Then worry about what you wrote after that. At least that's what has helped get me off-center.

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