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Posted by WoodyE (Member # 10790) on :

I am a 43 year old self employed IT services and support provider in Durban, South Africa.

I once started a Journalism diploma to learn how to write but my bursary was rescinded after 6 months and I didn't make an effort to continue as I found journalism depressing.

I am here to learn and hoping that members will be kind enough to briefly critique my writings so I can be the best writer I can be.

I have just started the book Novel Starter: The Novel Writing Workbook: 50 Days of Exercises, and hope to post something I have written once the exercises are more substantial or I have something of a short story.
Posted by WoodyE (Member # 10790) on :
* I realised that withdrawn would be more apt than the use of 'rescinded' above.
Posted by Jack Albany (Member # 10698) on :
G'day and welcome.
Posted by Meredith (Member # 8368) on :
Welcome to the treehouse.
Posted by extrinsic (Member # 8019) on :
New Journalism merges prose's story crafts and news reporting, often first-person personal essays and uses journalism's grammars. The idea is entertainment emphasis of newsworthy events.

A sample read of Novel Starter: The Novel Writing Workbook: 50 Days of Exercises reminds me of similar works that, for a trackless-wander while, put me out of sorts with creative writing texts studies. The text's voice is second-person imperative-prescriptive and targeted to intuitive writers' discovery writing processes, an odd contradiction, that, and is a more or less checklist how-to. Such how-tos postponed my studies of more productive descriptive narrative process texts. The book's publisher-writer, too, is from an obscure independent press whose book list leaves much story writing craft to be desired.

By the way, the email address on your profile page can be tracked back to its domain registry and personal contact information that exposes privacy invasion to all sorts of malicious international digital activity.

Welcome to the Hatrack River writers' community; may your Poet's Journey reap successes from here and there.
Posted by MrsBrown (Member # 5195) on :

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