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August 3-4, 2009     OPEN
9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Uncle Orson's Writing Class

This seminar is open to novice and experienced writers alike -- college-aged and older. Students in Uncle Orson's Writing class take part in two days of discussions, lectures, and idea sessions, right along with participants in the Literary Boot Camp.

Uncle Orson's Writing Class and Literary Boot Camp is for writers of any kind of fiction, and even valuable for screenwriters and playwrights.

August 3-8, 2009     CLOSED
Literary Boot Camp

Literary Boot Camp is open only to writers -- college-aged and older -- who are serious about professional level work. Following the two-day Writing Class, the Boot Camp writers go on with four intense days of creating and critiquing new stories developed at the beginning of the week - all under the leadership of noted author Orson Scott Card.

Enrollment for Literary Boot Camp is limited to no more than 15 participants and is by application only. Those who wish to attend must register with a $175 deposit and submit the FIRST PAGE ONLY of a short story. Prompt application is advised. Tuition does not include housing or meals. The deadline for submitting writing samples is June 5, 2009; you will be notified whether or not you have been accepted by June 12. The remaining balance of $550 will be due by July 1. Those not accepted to Boot Camp will have the choice of either applying their $175 deposit to the two-day Writing Class or having their deposit refunded.

Note to Boot Camp Participants: You must bring a laptop computer with you to Boot Camp. If you don't own one, please make arrangements to buy, rent, or borrow one that is running a recent version of Windows or Mac OS. Printers will be available.

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