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Uncle Orson On the Fly
Can't get enough OSC?   How about (almost) every day?

In addition to his weekly column, Uncle Orson writes shorter columns throughout the week - sometimes even daily. Some of these columns will appear as part of his weekly Uncle Orson Reviews Everything. However, some of them will not.

With a paid subscription to Uncle Orson On the Fly, if OSC writes it - you'll get to read it.   Ok, probably not every day (we underlined that to make sure you saw it). He does have to write books after all.   But at least most weekdays you'll get to read whatever is on his mind.   For just $24 per year (that's less that 50 cents per week) it will be like sitting with him in his house, or his car, or at the gym, and you won't even have to watch him sweat.

Just give us your name and email address and then click next to read our payment options.   Then after parting with a tiny bit of cash, you'll be on your way to enjoying all that Uncle Orson On the Fly has to offer.

The Weekly Rhino Times column will still go up on Hatrack.com -- for free. What you're paying for with "On the Fly" is the convenient delivery (in smaller chunks) to your email address, and some extra reviews and comments available only to subscribers.


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Not enough hours in your day to keep reading all of Uncle Orson On the Fly?   That's ok.   You can click the unsubscribe button below and he won't even be mad.   Sorry, no refunds for the un-used days but think of it as a donation to keep the rest of Hatrack.com running.

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