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Ender Scene by Jerry Avalos

By Jerry Avalos

My name is Jerry Avalos, I'm an art student in southern california and have been a huge fan of the ender's game series since my early high school years. I've always wanted to do ender's game inspired art but I wanted to make sure it was respectable enough to say it was inspired by the book. I've made a picture which I think is acceptable and would love for you to see. It's inspired from an implication in ender's game rather than a specific scene. It's of one of the nights Ender spent on the lake on his rickety old raft, with the battle school and his past still looming over him. This is all done in 3D using 3D studio max 2.5. I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I did making it.

Copyright © 1999 by Jerry Avalos

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