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Ender's Game placed ninth on the Best SF Novel Before 1990 list
August 1998

Every decade or so, Locus, the trade magazine of science fiction and fantasy professionals, includes a "best all-time sf novel" and "best all-time fantasy novel" category in its annual poll. This year, for the first time, novels published in the '80s were eligible, and perhaps you won't be surprised that Ender's Game placed ninth on the Best SF Novel Before 1990 list and the genre-bending Alvin Maker Series placed twenty-sixth on the Best Fantasy Novel Before 1990 list.

This made Card the only author to place new entries on both lists.

Not only that, but using the same data, and combining votes for multiple works, Locus came up with All-Time Best Novelist lists -- one for sf, one for fantasy, and one combined. On the sf list, Card placed eighth. The only living authors ahead of him were Arthur C. Clarke and Ursula K. LeGuin. On the fantasy list, he barely made the cut at #30, but on the combined sf & fantasy list he still made the top ten, with another living author, Gene Wolfe, moving ahead of him.

Card comments: "It's awfully early in my career to start pinning my hopes on any work of mine becoming a classic, but I'm proud to be included in the same list with writers I admire so much. And I'm amazed and delighted that my American frontier fantasy novels were noticed in a field that traditionally belongs to Tolkienesque fantasy. Of course, ten years from now, when they run this poll again, I may not be on it at all ... but it's sure nice to be noticed this time."

Check out the August 1998 issue of Locus, available from Locus Press at PO Box 13305, Oakland CA 94661; phone 510-339-9198; fax 510-339-8144; email Locus@Locusmag.com. It also shows Ender's Game -- a fourteen-year-old book! -- as #9 on Amazon.Com's sf paperback bestseller list!

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