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Alvin Maker Appears in First Issue of Amazing Stories
Wonderful artwork highlights excerpt from Heartfire.
August 1998

Amazing Stories was the first science fiction magazine when, back in the 1920s, editor Hugo Gernsback launched science fiction as a commercial category. Since then the magazine has had its ups and downs: For the past three years or so, there has been no Amazing Stories.

But those sad days are over, because an outfit called Wizards of the Coast has relaunched it -- Volume 70, number 1, or issue 593 in total! Hey, that's as close to history as we get in the new literary tradition of sci-fi.

Best of all, the premiere issue of Amazing includes a story about Alvin Maker, called "Gooses." Extracted from the Audubon, Alvin, and Arthur storyline in the novel Heartfire, this story includes wonderful illustrations by an artist named Tony di Terlizzi

Of course, "Gooses" isn't the only story in the premiere issue of Amazing. Stories by Ben Bova, A.C. Crispin, Neal Barrett, Jr., and John Betancourt (with a Star Trek story) appear with stories by James Alan Gardner, Michael Libling, and Malcolm Beckett. The look of the magazine is classy and slick -- no pulp here! -- with lively illustrations in a clear but visually interesting design.

Check it out! If you can't find it locally, you can always subscribe: call 800-395-7760 or send email to amazing@pcspublink.com. Cost is $10.95 for four issues, $19.95 for eight issues, or $29.95 for twelve issues. And if rumors around here are true, Card is hoping to write another Alvin story, this time a stand-alone, for a later issue of Amazing.

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