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Hart's Hope

Hart's Hope

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JUSTICE IS CRUEL But tender mercy is the cruelest of all.

I t was for mercy's sake that Palicroval the Fair left you to live after the desecration of your honor ... to live and become great Queen Beauty, whose power makes the very gods tremble and whose mercy is that of the grave. You would lay the world to ruin for your soul's ease, and see the corruption of the heavens for your pain.

But beware Beauty-for though your power is mighty, there is still magic in the Land, and the Hart has bred a son... and the ones who have suffered your vengeance for so long may exact a payment that could split the world asunder.

"HART'S HOPE ... a fantastic tapestry woven around wholly believable characters"
      -- Fantasy Review

Copyright © 1983 Orson Scott Card

A Tor Book - Published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.

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