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Lost Boys

Lost Boys

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I n Lost Boys, an acknowledged master storyteller weaves a powerful, uplifting tale of loss and redemption around an ordinary American family's bittersweet triumph over a welter of dark forces, both natural and supernatural.

Step Fletcher, his wife, DeAnne, and their three children move to Steuben, North Carolina, thinking-hoping-it might be just the right place for them. its traditional values coincide with theirs, and Step has the promise of a good job at a hot software company. But Steuben is definitely not right for their oldest child, eight-year-old Stevie. Introspective even in the most comfortable surroundings, Stevie becomes progressively more withdrawn from this alien place. Soon he is animated only by computer games and a troop of fictitious playmates. The Fletchers' concern for Stevie turns to terror when they discover that other young boys have disappeared from Steuben-and someone seems to be stalking Stevie.

As they struggle to keep their son from joining the "lost boys," the Fletchers battle a bevy of more conventional torments as well. Their new house is an insect-ridden matchbox dependent on the attentions of an eccentric old handyman. Step seems to be the only sane man at his snake pit of a job. DeAnne must acclimate herself and the three children to a new world while she is hugely pregnant with a fourth. A woman at their church believes God has given her an insight into Stevie's best interests that his parents lack. Evil hides in myriad mundane corners, threatening the Fletchers and their children. One of these threats, or maybe all of them, or maybe something else besides, may take Stevie away. But, though evil is all around them, goodness is within them, and that goodness will bind them together with a strength no force can break.

Orson Scott Card's forthright, moving prose, his remarkable gift for chronicling everyday tragedies and triumphs, and his uncanny ability to conjure up emotions-his characters' and his readers'-all blend together in a poignant, masterful novel.

"Card is a powerful storyteller, with the gift of making mundane details sparkle."
      -- Los Angeles Times

"[His] prose is a model of narrative clarity; the author never says more than is needed or arbitrarily withholds information, yet even a simple declarative sentence carries a delicious hint of further revelation."
      -- New York Times

"A world-class talent."
      -- Booklist

"Card is skilled at pacing and good with an action scene. But he has raised to a fine art the creation of suspense by ethical dilemma, and in so doing has raised his work to a high plane."
      -- Chicago Sun-Times

"Card, one of our best writers ... understands that to imagine the Other is one of the best ways to explore our hidden selves."
      -- Columbus Dispatch

"Like his worthiest characters, Card has the strength to forgo glamour in favor of truth."
      -- Locus

Copyright © 1992 Orson Scott Card

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