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Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror
Illustrated by Nathan Pinnock

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Orson Scott Card weaves a tale of a mythical family's upheaval, showing the consequences of misplaced hopes and what happens when people let themselves become disconnected from one another.

Somewhere between medieval fantasy and contemporary fairy tale, a dark story turns into light. Ultimately, we see that it is never too late to escape from a dream gone bad.

Magic Mirror Excerpt:

As the days passed, she found herself talking more and more to one man, a mirror wizard in a far-away country. He said she had a beautiful soul. He wrote her poetry. He cared about her. When she spoke to him, she felt young and beautiful again. His name was Stephen.

Text Copyright © 1999 Orson Scott Card
Illustrations Copyright © 1999 Nathan Pinnock

Published by Gibbs Smith Publisher

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