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Stone Tables
Based on the Musical Play
Music by Robert Stoddard
Script and Lyrics by Orson Scott Card

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T he law said he was supposed to die at birth, but he lived.

Pharaoh's daughter declared him to be her son, but he choose to be a son of Israel.

He tried to lead the quiet life of a shepherd, but the lord sent him to tell Pharaoh: Let my people go.

As his life was changed again and again, how did Moses make the choices that prepared him to be the prophet of God? How did life look through his own eyes? We cannot know, but we can try to imagine, and in Stone Tables, noted LDS author Orson Scott Card explores what it might have been like to be Moses.

He also explores the lives of Moses' brother Aaron, his sister Miriam, the two women he called "mother," and the woman he married. Who knew him better than these fellow travelers on the long journey from the despair of slavery to the joy of liberation, from reliance on their own wit and strength to putting themselves in the hands on God? All their lives were remarkable, and in these pages you will come to know them all.

In 1973, the musical drama Stone Tables first brought Orson Scott Card's interpretation of the life of Moses to the stage, with the music of Robert Stoddard. Now, as the book brings even greater depth to this fictional tribute to Moses, the score of the musical, including several unforgettable new songs, is also available on audio cassette and compact disk.

Copyright © 1997 Orson Scott Card

Script, music, and lyrics of the play Stone Tables
© 1973, 1981 by Robert Stoddard and Orson Scott Card.
Published by Deseret Book Company

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