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The Alphabet Year The Alphabet Year
By Kathryn H. Kidd

Price: $7.95
Edition: Trade Paperback
Pages: 244

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Kate Carbine knew that there were good mothers in the ward.

She just wasn't one of them.

So why did she ever let herself get involved in this co-op daycare with Lissa and "Fangs"? Lissa has no children of her own and therefore has never made a mistake in child-rearing, while Fangs is the perfect Mormon mother - Relief Society president and practicing physician, with a spotless house and a marvelous sense of humor.

Some people were meant to be mothers, Kate figures, and some people weren't.

As you'd expect from the author of Paradise Vue, what happens next is funny and full of wry truth. And when Kate Carbine's year of co-op daycare is over, you'll look at the children in your life and be grateful they're only a little bit strange!

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