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Perfect Neighbors Perfect Neighbors
By DeAnne Neilson

Price: $7.95
Edition: Trade Paperback
Pages: 207

Order by December 18, 2015 for Christmas Delivery

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How Can You Keep Up Appearances When Your Neighbor Sees You Naked?

The house next door stood empty for a long time. So long, in fact, that Kate got into some bad habits. Like undressing without bothering to close the curtains.

That's why the first time she laid eyes on her new neighbor, Sydney, Kate was naked as a plucked chicken.

In spite of that awkward introduction, Kate soon finds herself caught up in Syd's life. Giving swimming lessons in the pool Syd won in a contest. Tending the galumphing, yard-wrecking dog Syd got to help her get over yet another miscarriage.

How did she ever fill up her days before Syd moved in?

Yet Kate begins to realize that it's possible for someone to love her without believing that she's the image of the perfect Mormon woman. In return, Kate can give unstinting friendship as Syd pursues her dream of having a little red-haired daughter.

A fair exchange.

Another Hatrack River Discovery
With Perfect Neighbors, DeAnne Neilson continues the tradition of Hatrack River Publications, bringing you the first novels of the most outrageous - and outrageously talented - new writers in the Church. Neilson's voice in Perfect Neighbors is all her own, but if you enjoyed Paradise Vue by Kathryn H. Kidd and Pray Away Pounds by Lisa Ray Turner, you'll feel right at home in Kate's and Syd's neighborhood.

As Syd's Aunt Grace says,
If something can't be fixed with a nap or a hot bath, then it can't be fixed.

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