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Author Topic: All good thingsÖ (A landmark of many faces)
Feyd Baron
Member # 1407

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Well, here it is; my second and, sadly to say (according to some at least), second to final landmark post. The last time around, I started the ďAsk FeydĒ semi-tradition for landmarks. This time, Iím going to introduce a new format. Other than that, Iíll probably be repeating traditions in the other landmarks. Iíll give bits of advice to some, avoid jabs at any who donít deserve them, and since I know Iíll forget people, if you read this thread, just assume Iím talking to you. I am going to do my best NOT to repeat what was in my last landmark post; I was a different person then. To the abundant number of newbies, if you are truly curious take a peek in the archive. Sarah (sosento) actually did remember this was coming, and kept from indulging herself and making a post pointing it out. I appreciate that. A caution about this post. As most of you know by now, from the Guess the Author thread, I am not an author (in the glowing embers indeed). This post was written in many different parts, in several different moods. Please overlook the redundancies, complex sentences, and wandering thoughts. Or blame my proofreader. Now, on to the substance of the thingÖ

What is past...

At Hatrack: Three years, 998 posts. Dozens of people, present and absent, whom on some level Iíve accepted as friends and acquaintances. Iíve contributed probably two or three dozen threads. Three or four of those threads made it just over 50 posts. I like to think I participated in the forum, and provided at least some valuable insights over the years; I donít think so little of myself to acknowledge some truth in that. I do know that Iíve contributed to the fluff trends of the past year (ahem, Word Associations and Begging the Question). During my first year, I was absolutely beaming when OSC actually posted and answered a bit of a trivia question on the dark side. It was about a pen name Asimov used to write the Lucky Starr seriesÖ OSC got it right off the bat. I knew I should have made it a non-professional authors only question. Oh well, you live and learn.

In the real world: The primary distinction of what is past is 23 years as a Texan. I was born in Texas, grew up in the Dallas suburbs, and spent five and a half full years at Texas Tech University. Yes, Texas has some issues, all states do. I wouldnít trade my years in Texas for similar years in any other state. And regardless of any personal grudges others may have, on the whole Iíll be proud of my state, and proud of what it made me. About that, that is all I feel needs to be said. If you want to know more about what's happened in the past, itís nearly all in my last landmark. Since then, Iíve been consumed by the time requirements of thesis. Thesis is about as little like real life as anything can be. Itís one thing to say you eat, sleep, and breathe something. Itís something else entirely to actually do it for nearly a full year. The summer after thesis, I participated in a research project through Texas Tech to document the Architecture of Donald Judd in Marfa Texas. I spent over two weeks living down there, and seeing nearly the opposite of what Iíve grown up knowing. The differences between even a city of over 200,000 (let alone several million) and a town under 2,000 people is truly stark, and I feel words fail me in this case. The only consistency was a group of architects and architecture students. The confidence boost that I got from that whole time is amazing really. Itís one thing to converse and debate with others like yourself, and something else to do so with those from another culture (Hatrack, at times, gives an incredibly good impression of this). After that experience, and after another summer session of school, I honestly think Iím burnt out academically. I was pretty good at flogging myself into action and school work in the past. This fall Iíve simply lost any ambition and competitive drive I had for my courses. Some of this is due to the fact the subject matter is not quite aligned with my interests, or the courses were very poorly developed. I feel, for the first time in fifteen semester (11 regular, plus four full summers), that Iíve truly and complete wasted one. That pretty much brings up to the present.

What is now...

At Hatrack: One significantly lengthy post, using, at best, a well worn forum name. Some of you know what Iíve been hinting at in this post so far, as well as numerous other threads, chats, and IMs. This post will likely be last I make as Feyd Baron. I made a joke a year ago that itíd take a decade to reach the 1,000 post mark with that name, and I have every intention of fulfilling that prediction. A positive side effect is that I get to steal a bit of thunder from celia, and take away whatever vengeance she might have gotten from goading me into a landmark post. And with the retiring of this name, Iíll be stepping back into my comfortable lurkerdom of my first days around the Ďrack.

In the real world: Well, the end of the beginning is finally here. I have completed all the college courses that I care to attend for some time. I will officially graduate in three days, and end the formalized period of my education. Iíve been told, and have known, that my professional education will hopefully continue for decades to come. If it stops, it means that either Iíve burnt out on the one profession I thought I could spend my life working in, or Iíve met some untimely demise. Iíve learned that both are possibilities; and Iíve learned that a great deal of the time, they are both unavoidable. After graduation, I am relocating to my parentís house in Tucson, which Iíll be using as a base of operations of sorts while looking for a job. As many of you know, Iíll be looking primarily in the American Southwest, in cities such as Tucson, Phoenix, San Diego, and Santa Fe. Iíve not done myself a favor; Iíll be moving into a market saturated with graduates from at least half a dozen Architecture programs as good as the one I attended. And Iíll be the outsider trying to get into the area. In addition to seeking simple employment, Iíve entertained a few whims of mine. I have applied to several internationally known Architecture firms in the area, hoping that something about me will pique a partner of the firmís interest. Iíve also applied for the Rome Prize, through the American Academy in Rome. I firmly believe in the project that Iím seeking acceptance with, but when they limit the prizes to only one or two architects a year (including professionals and students) the odds of me getting accepted are slimmer than Iíd like to admit. It was something I had to do though.

What is yet to come...

At Hatrack: One more lengthy post, on my 10th anniversary of being a Hatracker. I believe in the tradition of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid for those of you who donít know what it means), so Iíll just leave it at one post then, and see where it goes. I had ideas for a grand plan, but I can't even keep my schedule for tomorrow straight, let alone a few years. But primarily, what is to come at hatrack (concerning me at least) will be considerably less Feyd: less, but not an absence of. Iíll be around between landmark posts as Architraz Warden, which I feel is a name Iíve finally earned. Iíve done my time at Architraz as an inmate; and I suppose Iíve been rehabilitated. Iíll still read the types of threads that keep my interest, as they have in the past year. I might even post in some of them. Someday, Iíll attend either a WenchCon or EnderCon (assuming there is another that is). Preferably, this will be an event at which T Smith is present at, so that we may sing a rousing verse of ďIím a Lumberjack, and Iím OK.Ē And, if Eddieís there, I suppose everyone will get to see what heís been billing as the death match of this (very young) century. And last of all, Iíll be watching the picnics that are going on in the southwest. Someday, Iíll make it to one that involves more than two or three people (not that those are bad at all, are they Sarfa, Ludosti, and Slacker or Myr, and Sosento?). If there are any ďAsk FeydĒ questions tossed out on the thread, I donít think I can turn them away or ignore them in good conscience. Iíll answer them in due time, Iím promise.

In the real world: Well, if Hatrack is going to be seeing less of me, I suppose the real world should be seeing a whole lot more. After today, Iíll have a great many things that need to be put into order. Graduation, moving into a new home, finding a job, and starting a social life from scratch are all things new to me. Iíve been in patterns, grooves, and ruts long enough for that to frighten me at times, and scare the heebie-jeebies out of me at others. I know what Iíd like to do, and Iím going to go and try to make it happen. No worries to those of you who are curious, I donít think Iíll be able to escape from an update in the next few months when I find a job and city to live in. Iíll at least have to be back for that. Iím afraid Iím much less certain about the real future. There really isnít anything more I can say here.

I can't bow back into lurking without at least saying thank you to OSC and the mods who keep the forum up and running, at the expense of at least their time. This really is a unique place. Iíll see many of you around the chat in the future I suppose, or I might stop in to visit your threads as Architraz. You never know. Bis Dann

Feyd Baron, DoC

EDIT: I had to make one, because I simply can't make a post of any length without an error, even when it is typed in Word. And this might be my 1000th, I'm getting different numbers. If that's true, just add one to any post count in this thread...

[ December 17, 2003, 05:51 AM: Message edited by: Feyd Baron ]

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Feyd- I'm sorry I pointed out your post count in the other thread. I normally wouldn't, except it was two people. I probably will check your other landmark. I hope it will be apparent whch one is also you?
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Congratulations on your pending graduation. Good luck and godspeed.

I hope you'll keep posting here, but if not, I truly hope that you check in on us now and again to see what's up. Let us know how the new phase of your life is going.

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Good Luck Feyd, and congrats on your graduation.

I don't know whether you do commercial or residential type architecture, but I think the Southwest region is on the cutting edge of some of the newest trends, so hopefully it will be rewarding for you. I know that I've read that Tucson (?) has a sub-division where each home has it's own power plant (solar) and is energy self-sufficient. So it sounds like a good place to start any wonderful new ideas you have.



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Good luck, Feyd, with the real world. It can be a shock - you can always come to Hatrack for love and advice. [Smile]

Great landmark.

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Congrats, Feyd! On one thousand posts, on three years, and on your graduation. [Hat]

Good luck finding the job that awaits you. You'll do great work -- I look forward to saying, "Isn't that building amazing? I know the architect." [Big Grin]

Hope you won't be TOO scarce around here and in chat. (((((Feyd)))))

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I was actually letting you slide by not starting a countdown thread. It's just not my kind of thing. Revenge will take a more interesting form.

You are still on that short list of people that I hope to someday meet. When you find a job and get settled in, make sure you have a nice guest room.

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You. Good thing you are planning some AIM time in the future of I'd have an earful for ya. As it is, don't make me pyne too much.

It's scary to see you at the end of what I'm just beginning. I know you will kick butt wherever you end up working. Still- good luck and all that.

Someday I'll get a chance to glare atcha. I'll be sure to be undrugged and fully blooded for the occasion.

Enjoy that crazy Southwestern weather.



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Feyd, great post!! For what it's worth, I've always found you to be pretty funny and quite valuable to all the threads in which you've posted. Chat has also been nicer because you've been there. I consider you to be a valuable asset around here and I'm glad that I know that Architraz Warden is you. It'll make me feel better.

And way to graduate! We're proud of you!! God bless you and keep us updated on your real world life as well as you can. [Smile]

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Will miss you, Feyd-feyd. I'll see you in chat sometime. Great job graduating! I hope you stay happy with what you're doing for a very long time. And don't die! [Angst]

^_^ Bye bye, and Good Luck.

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*takes a break from her frantic studying for finals* You should feel loved Feyd, everyone else has been getting ignored.

This thread is much better than the one I was going to post. Mine would have been something like:

[Cry] [Cry] [Cry] Feyd is leaving [Cry] [Cry] [Cry]

I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I'm pulling all nighters. I mean who's going to pop online and ask me if I'm sane yet? (which i am not yet by the way but tomorrow, maybe tomorrow!!)

Anyway, I'll miss having you around on IM and such. I guess maybe I'll have to try this email thing I've heard so much about.

Good luck finding a job and enjoy your warm winter [Grumble]

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Never forget your towel.

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bump bump...

*goes back to studying*
*can't get The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock outta her head* (too bad I'm studying for machine learning)

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Feyd rocks!

Fade rocks!


Baron rocks!

Barren rocks!



[The Wave]

Much better.

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Please remember to stop by when you get in the LA area!

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Absotively! Shinda with Feyd! [Big Grin]
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I don't have time to read this just now, but still ...
[The Wave] [The Wave] [The Wave] [The Wave] [The Wave] [The Wave] [The Wave] [The Wave]

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Feyd! ::sniffs:: Hatrack just won't be the same without you around! I know, I know, you'll be here every now and then, but you're here little enough as it is.

Congratulations on 1000 posts, and on finally graduating, I know you've been counting down. [Wink] I'm sure you'll make a great architect, well, your work looks impressive anyway. [Razz]

Take care, have fun, learn lots. Be good, and strong, and wise. Always remember the difference between Kiwis and Kiwifruit. And come visit one day! Or at least let me know of your general whereabouts so I can hunt you down when I'm over there. [Big Grin]

(((((Feyd))))) [Hat]


(and... psst! you STILL didn't think of a new AIM name for me!) [Roll Eyes]

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Congratulations on all your accomplishments!

You'll be around...admit it, this place is hard to shake!

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*does a graduation dance*

[Smile] [Smile] [Smile]

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ana kata
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Congratulations, Feyd. We will miss you! Don't stay gone too long.
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This post is this name's thousandth post. I've been saving it for a landmark thread, but I think your landmark does it far more justice than any thread I create could.

I normally don't post in landmark threads, and I try to make it a habit of not posting in Texans' threads. But I don't think you've been given due respect in the replies thus far, and I don't want you to misinterpret people's reactions. When they reply with an emoticon or an ::action::, they're doing exactly what I would normally do -- post nonsense (or in my case, nothing) because they expect you to already know how much you mean to them. Normally, though, there's a couple heartfelt posts that rave about the subject of the thread, and what with the conspicious lack of those in this thread, I don't want you to misunderstand the sincerity of these friendships.

You may be a Texan and self-declared conservative, dude, but I genuinely like you. You're smart, funny, the only person to rave about my incredible beauty in my Foobonic picture, and it's Hatrack's loss that you aren't posting more often. Honestly, one of the few things that keeps me returning to chat is the knowledge that you'll be in there to bandy words with (as well as whatever opportunities I have to flirt with Myr or Becky).

That's not to say I don't flirt with you, but seeing as how you're a conservative Texan, I think you close your eyes to most of it.

But moving on, Feyd, I expect some damn great things from you. God knows you've slaved for that architecture degree long enough. Good luck with Rome -- tell me what happens when it happens, dude. You know the AIM screen name.

I'll end this with a whine and a bitch. (You would be the bitch. Ha!) But really, I find it amazing that I haven't seen more from you. You've been here longer than I have, which makes you an interest to archeologists -- swear to god, what with your Hatrack age and your pictures, I'm this close to calling up UCLA and telling them I've discovered the Missing Link -- but I'll bet people here know more about me, even sans landmark thread, than they do about you. While this is no doubt not slightly influenced by my far more interesting personality and cuter butt, why haven't you posted more? You know I'm nuts about you, and twenty bucks says people here would be all over you like yammering possums on whiskey, or whatever it is Texans say, if you gave them half a chance to do it. I'm not going to question your decision to retire Feyd Baron, but I hope I see a hell of a lot more Architraz Warden around here to offer reasonable, intelligent positions that you claim are conservative despite the adjectives I just used. I miss your presence here.

Tell me where you're going to be come summer, dude. Even if I have to bike to Hawaii, I think we need to buy each other a Corona or two. Maybe then you'll finally be open to realizing all that flirting with Becky and Myr? Directed toward you. Oh yeah, baby.

[ April 14, 2004, 02:41 PM: Message edited by: Hatrack River ]

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