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Author Topic: The Origin of a Penguin. A Landmark Thread.
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I have now been Hatracking for one year now and instead of doing my first landmark at a certain number of posts i have decided to do it now. The reason is that the last year of my life has, it its own way, been the most lifechanging and dramatic year of my life. So here goes....

When I was a little kid i was the most unshy cool little guy you ever met. Then my parents got divorced and ended up with my mother in Minnesota. My mother had/has some issues and I turned into a shy wimp.

Even though this was true the old me was still hidden inside me and when i was in like sixth grade i joined the boyscouts. Now scouting is slightly different in Minnesota than it is elsewhere. In Minnesota they throw out a lot of the pomp and stupitidy that the boyscouts were known for and just become like a camping club. It was great. In it I grew to love nature. I absolutely love nature and love being in it. My grandfather and uncles also made sure i have a huge love of fishing aswell. [Big Grin]

I also met my best freind in the whole world. From the point we met eachother me and him were more of a we than two seperate individuals. We were in soccer, scouts, school, etc together. I would die for that kid without a second thought about it.

In middle school we started playing the game called starcraft and when i needed a call name my buddy said combine your favorite animal with your favorite color. Thus the OrangePenguin was born and i have now been using it for eight years. The 7 got added later.

Then I went to highschool. While I still had my best bud and some other good freinds i still was a shy person who for one thing could not communicate with girls. I was completely disfunctional this way. It was a depressing sorry time of my life. I was also way behind many of my peers when it came to maturity.

Finally the break in my life and probalby the most lifechanging thing to happen to me too date is when I moved to the great state of Illinois to live with my Dad, stepmom, and three siblings. In minnesota i had lived with my brother but he came with me. The only thing i truly left behind in Minnesota is my best freind and even though we keep in touch it still hurts enourmessly to this day. I will see him in the flesh for the first time come april in two years.

My father and stepmother are both ex cops and own there own business and saw the problems and me and decided to fix them. In two years they decided to change a little boy in a sixteen year old body into a man. I began working in my family business, a P.I. business and i learned responsibility and a work ethic. I matured greatly but i was still kind off antisocial. This was both my mothers influence and a hard outer shell created do to being picked on for years.

Finally my senior year i joined the highschool drama department. This proved to be the second greatest lifechanging thing in my life. In drama i met the greatest freindliest group of people i have ever known. In it my barriers came down and i became the happy go lucky fun guy i am today. I also gained a lot of confidence but there is still more to the story in the way of confidence. The truly most important thing is that drama tore away my oddness towards women and in its own way healed me. Now i have more women freinds than i do men.

The only remaining obstacle to a long and happy life for me is that i had never even kissed a girl before my senior year. But early my senior year I met my oldest freind and she and me actually dated for a whopping day but it was a start. (Her dad and my dad were best freinds in highschool and her dad had never left illinois and my dad moved back when him and my mother got divorced.) She and me became really good friend. Then I met sara. Sara had a lot of problems but we enjoyed eachother's company and after a while i asked her out and we dated for nine months. It eventually ended last october but it was the final straw in fixing my own major problems. Since her i have had some first dates and such. But the greatest thing i got from sara was a self confidence and outer calm.

A final thing is that for the last year i have been attempting to play professional poker. I have lost as much as four hundred dollars and made as much as five. In my job i have almost died about four times and its made me realize to take life as it comes, dont stress, and take the good with the bad.

Now to the last three months. I have started college and am know on my second semester of my freshman year. I am going to the local community college and am working about a sixty+ hour work week in the family business. I have made a great new group of freinds at the local midnight cafe. The group consists of one of my drama freinds, a great couple, and this girl which i will end my landmark with her. First off our group has taken to hanging out, getting drunk most saturday nights(another new for me), and being great friends.

Now to the girl. She likes me and im crazy about her. We have been haning out now regurly for about three weeks but she doesnt/didnt want to date me becuase the memory of her ex fiance is still too strong. They broke up a year ago but she still loves him. But as the weeks go by I know that me and her will get together. Last night actaully she cried on my chest while i held her because of some difficulties in her life. She is actually the person i have gotten along best with since my best bud from minnesota.

I am going to get hurt bad this time guys but you know what? I'm looking forward to the hurt.... [Wink]

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wink. Then enjoy the ride!

Hooray for a good year and finding yourself along the way!

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Wait a second, you registered this month. Can lurking be counted as "Hatracking for a year"? Just curious. [Wink]

Edit: Thanks Amanecer! And sorry Orange7Penguin, I'm sure you won't believe that I'm still writing 2005 on my checks either! [Blushing]

[ January 24, 2006, 08:53 PM: Message edited by: sweetbaboo ]

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He Registered Jan 2005, so it's been a year. [Smile]

Private investigating and professional poker? You sound like an exciting guy Penguin! Glad that you're here!

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*must... resist... urge... to... pet... peguin...*
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I was going to read it, I really was. But I just can't. Do you think you could put some spacing between your paragraphs? That would make it so much easier to read. And I wouldn't get distracted by all the other words around it as easily.
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