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Author Topic: Did You Write - May 28, 2012
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I sincerely hope Rstegman's okay, that his absence means he's just busy with good things. Until he returns and takes back this mantle, I thought I'd give us our weekly kick in the pants. I know that these weekly threads have helped motivate me in a number of ways. It's partly because I love to have something to report in them, and partly because I'm a bit competitive, so I get pushed when I see everyone else accomplishing things. Also, the support of other writers is always welcome.

With that in mind, I'm posing the question to all the Hatrackers. Did you write this week? As we have been reminded in the past, writing for the purposes of this thread can mean just about anything you want. You did some editing? Report it here. Outlining, pre-writing or any other kind of prep work? Sure, that counts too. And, of course, writing new work always counts.

Myself, I was in edit mode all last week. I'm making my first pass through the third and final book in my Mirrors of Bershan trilogy. I discovered that the first few chapters (or so) required major surgery, so I jumped in with my trusty scalpel (also known as Track-Changes in Word). Eventually, things evened out and I haven't had to do as much all the way through, which is good. I'd like to be done this pass by the end of the month, as it's my plan to start my next series the way I started this one, with NaNoWriMo, Camp-style this time.

I also wrote some blog entries while I was at it, and made notes on a few ideas, some of which are trying to distract me from what I need to be doing to complete projects. But that's always the way for me, so I know how to make the notes and return to my appointed task instead.

So, to sum it up, I've definitely been writing. How about you?


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Yes. After a month of having no desire to write -- mostly due to major stress at work -- I am back in the saddle. I've written 2,400 words over the past three days and plan to finish the story tonight.
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Yes. Some on THE BARD'S GIFT. I also finished revisions to "Apocalypse Cruise". Just now, I'm working on revisions to my query letter and the beginning of FIRE AND EARTH.

Oh, and three blog posts.

And I also hope RStegman's okay. It's been a long absence.

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First of all: amazing Meredith posted while I was signing on so I could post.

Second of all: I haven't always thought about this "kick in the pants" but when I do I wonder what is happening. Sorry to say I don't always notice when a name goes missing for a while but RStegmen has been missing for a long while.

Third of all:

Yes, I did write.

Mostly revising stories and one novel though. I haven't started a new story for a while. I have one in mind for Extreme Planets-if it wasn't their usual rejection they liked the story I sent them and want another-but I need an opening. There is my steampunk story but I haven't worked on it since I wanted to do a certain scene in Kin. I think I got off the subject on that one when I wrote a scene where the two MCs meet. It was too long and to involved for this story.

I worked on "Stone Within" and "Angel Kin" but more on those on the Novel thread.

I critted a few stories.

Wrote a bunch of posts here and on two other forums I could finally join with my new computer.

And posts here to My Blog

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I have been writing nearly every night. Missed last night because my security system was updating during my allotted time and wouldn't allow me to use MSWord. I have written since (I usually write between 11pm and 3am), and I'm going to add on tonight. I'm back in novel mode, and for the time being have forsaken short stories.
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I wrote and quite a bit. Write or Die has really helped me crank out the words. I have it set at 15 minutes because It is easy to say I have 15 minutes when I wake up, or when I get home, or just before bed. The threat of crimson doom keeps me typing and not doing research or playing one more game or on facebook. I'm getting about 300 words a session with ease. Add in editing and I'm easily getting about 1500 words in.
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Put in about 8,000 words during the Memorial Day Weekend. These are all new words. I also worked on some WIP edits earlier in the week.
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Not lately.
A little polishing. Sent my entry to On the Premises.
Some critiquing. The contest and a WotF exchange.
Lots of waiting. Last month's writing is this month's anxiety. [Smile]


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Robert Nowall
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I was thinking of posting myself...only the absence of any writing since April prevented me; having nothing to brag about prevented me from bragging.

I did break the logjam by starting revisions on a story in my files, just six hundred retyped words.

(I did spend a little literary effort last week on three grievance statements; I've spoken of them before---dry, legalistic things to go with filing a grievance with my union local over the practices of management that violate the contract. Apparently they're somewhat prized among some of the union people, who occasionally lift the phrasing for further statements. Such is the value of my literary work---breaking something down into its simplest expression. But it's not like real writing.)

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Yes I did. Have had a real good last 2 months regarding writing. Changed my schedule. Write first thing in the morning 5:30, has been nearly 100,000 words in the last 10 weeks, so I am quite happy. Inlcuded THE END, this week. Ready to start again.
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I did have the time to write yesterday. Today is starting to feel like tomorrow's yesterday.
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