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Author Topic: seems I never did actually INTRODUCE myself...
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Richard Zeller currently lives in sunny Rochester, MN. That chattering sound you hear would be his teeth banging fruitlessly against the attempt to stay warm in the great white north of Minnesota. As Doctor Evil would say, “It’s friggin’ cold out here.” If anyone wants to know what people mean when they say, “when Hell freezes over,” Richard could probably provide a first-rate account.

But all is not icicles and frostbite in the land of sky-blue waters. Zeller enjoys a fine corral of hobbies to keep warm during the cold season, including writing, playing his beloved trumpet, and even teaching the art to a few would be egomaniacs (anyone who’s ventured into the realm of trumpet playing would understand that a certain - shall we say, confidence - is nearly automatic with the instrument).

Zeller’s greatest claim would be his lovely wife (who stays with him through thick and thin despite the apparent never-ending issues of being too busy with work and being out late all the time and not being very responsible around the home and why can’t he just for once learn that there is a place for dirty laundry and his office is not a collection bin for old papers and other mail he can’t seem to want to get rid of and why doesn’t he ever write poems for her like he used to and wouldn’t it be nice if he’d just once take the kids somewhere and let her relax and stop…oh, where were we? AH…yes, sorry), and THREE wonderful little boys who prove almost daily that size has nothing to do with power.

On the serious side, Richard works as a software support rep for a web-analytics package and is very actively engaged in his faith as well. He has lived in the upper-Midwest for most of his life, though he was born in Santa Clara, California. Some day he hopes to return to the American West where he loves the mountains and clean, dry air. Very dry air, in fact. Like, desert dry. Like Arizona. Yes, Arizona! Now that would be the place for him - where the mercury does not make a regular habit of dipping into an area that requires modern mathematic principles to comprehend, where lakes are more than just slightly more damp than the air we breathe, and where folks do not have to make a habit of plugging the autos in at night.

Someplace like that. Yes.

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Actually, I just got here myself, but I'm going to say "hi" and "welcome" anyway (because that's just the kind of person I am, darn it).

One thing I never regret about leaving New York State for Colorado is that, while New York gets smacked with lovely Arctic cold fronts every December and January, out here we get nice, sunny 50-degree weather between the cold smacks. Granted, New York is nowheres near as bad as Minnesota. But I understand your pain.

I've never tried the trumpet, but I did try drums and guitar. While I did learn how to play "Amazing Grace" and "Old Susannah" and, uh, pretty much nothing else on guitar, my foray into percussion was a sad failure. I even got thrown out of an elementary school band for lack of talent.

That's right. An *elementary-school band.*

I must have stank.

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I always feel weird "welcoming" people that have been here longer than I have. But, for lack of something better to say: welcome!

Trumpet player? Hmm... We had a joke in my high school band that went something like this:

How do trumpet players greet each other?
"Hi, my name is _____, and I'm better than you!"

Being a clarinet player myself, I don't have the swelled ego. Though I have many friends who do.

Scott--you sure you weren't just annoying the teacher? Just kidding. Though I did know a teacher once who wanted a kid kicked out of her band because he drove her nuts.

Anyway. Good stuff--pop down to sunny Colorado (we do get over 300 days of sunshine a year!) sometime and bask in the glow! Arizona would work too... but that's going from one extreme to the other, and besides, I'm a CO native, I can't imagine a better place to live! Well, I can imagine one, but it doesn't exist.

I'm going to shut up now. Glad to see you here.


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Hey, tell rjzeller hello! And tell him that while I to live in the midwest, it's not quite as high as Minnesota. Rockford Illinois would be MrCleans abode. Still a pretty sucky place to be considering the West where I also plan to be someday in the Dry Dry air. Tell Mr Zeller welcome from me and hope to get to know him better.


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You know, I think we could get one heck of a band going around here.

How do we do that virtually?

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In high school I was in the Drumline (snair and quads). We were the cool kids in the band, if such a thing is possible. Although, if I played anything different, it would have been the trumpet.

Also, I was born in Santa Clara County. San Jose to be exact. I don't think you want to move back, the place has been overrun. You might want to rethink Arizona, 117 is pretty hot! Anyway , a belated welcome to you!

Dakota: maybe we should wait until we are all published authors and start a band like Stephen King did. I think we could kick his butt! Any takers?

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Jaina: I don't know if I annoyed her or not. She did have a lot of percussionists to work with. I went into chorus instead, and in high school got to be in the show choir, so I guess I'm not as bad a singer as I am a drummer (or guitarist).

It was an odd situation, though--technically I'm a baritone, but I can hit a lot of tenor notes and go down quite low (I think I could almost do E, but I don't remember), so I ended up a bass because we had no baritone section and because I could hit the low notes. I always looked forward to the Christmas concert, because it always closed with the Hallelujah chorus from Handel's "Messiah." I *love* that piece and it was always great to sing.

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