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Author Topic: Wise Words 4 U
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Wise is my name, not necessarily a descriptor, though I will claim it as such when it is to my advantage. As an elementary teacher I have used it many times to impress (wrongly or not!) my students. I teach gifted students and love the challenge. Teaching was a second career. My first is not worth mentioning because it didn’t define me, it only paid the bills. I didn’t know what I wanted to major in in college, mainly because I wanted to do everything! I settled for Marketing, which appealed to my creative side, and pleased my father who frequently spouted, “Major in Business so you can get a job!” I worked in advertising for a few years, but chose to move across the country with my friends rather than pursue it further.

I have loved creative writing since elementary school. I was just graduating from high school when “Star Wars” exploded (literally) onto the 70 mm (yes, size does matter!) movie screen. I was subsequently inspired by the first two “Star Wars” films to write the third installment as I envisioned it. I wrote a 140-odd page story and a few poems with some drawings thrown in and (with a friend) created two issues of a fanzine, “Legends of Light” to put them in. I spent countless hours over several years writing, editing, cutting/pasting (before PCs!), and publishing my zine. I am very proud of it though I’m sure my writing was very amateurish. I’m afraid to go back and read it, but I did like my ideas better than those that George Lucas thought up for “Return of the Jedi.” At least I didn’t come up with ewoks! Bleh!

Unfortunately, after my brief run-in with writing, Life stepped in and distracted (waylaid?) me. I got married, had a son, then ran the household as cancer hit them both a few years apart. I sated my writing muse by reading books (mostly science fiction/fantasy) and watching movies and dissecting both through conversations with my friends. Before all that,I wrote a TV script for “Simon and Simon”, but the show was cancelled before I could send it off. I also created a “Pirates of the Caribbean” website from scratch by teaching myself a little html, a great catharsis after my first horse passed away. One positive about my writing is that I finish what I start. Looking back, I know I should have kept writing, but without anyone really cheering me on (remember Dad’s “Major in Business!” diatribe?) I let my muse languish.

But it’s not dead, yet! I have started a novel and am about 1/3 of the way through. I could’ve been farther along, but I decided I needed to change my bad guys’ motivations and completely overhaul the timeline of events to incorporate historical events. It’s speculative fiction and is based on an idea that’s been rattling around in my head for about 10 years. Like I said, “Life” happened. I also have a black comedy movie script and a romance started, but have decided the novel must take precedence, mainly because I think it will be more marketable. (Dad would be proud.)

My sudden writing spurt is due to the cliché: mid-life crisis. If you haven’t hit 50 yet, just wait. It helped that my son went off to college, so what else do I have to do but write? Actually, quite a lot, but I have discovered again that writing is so much fun! How could I have not done it for all those years? What was I thinking? I’ve discovered that we oftentimes do things without any logic or passion involved. We think we’re so smart, and then POW! 50 hits you like a brick wall. Well, I’m not going to hit 60 without having given myself a chance to make an impression on the world. (Parenting my son was the most important impression I’ve made, but maybe I can reach more people by writing!)

As to the rest of my life, I enjoy riding my Arabian horse, gardening in my yard, reading books, watching movies, and seeing my son head out into “the world”. I hope I have found a supportive community on this forum and look forward to spending some time here. But not too much, because I have a book to write, darn it!

Favorite book: “The Eight” by Katherine Neville
Favorite author: Orson Scott Card (no, really!)
Favorite movie: “Ben Hur”
Favorite musicians: Dan Fogelberg and David Benoit
Favorite place I’ve lived: San Diego

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Be welcome

Wow did you Life you hit hard a couple of times. But at the same time looks like you;re had some good times too. That raises some questions but their probably personal so I'll hold off.

But this is a good place to learn how to write and to write. I got started late too but for different reasons. I haven't told anyone here but I took a side journey through photography even did a few weddings with my wife. Actually, I think she took most of the pictures.

Anyway, your romance may be the money maker and mayhaps easiest to sell.

And as you explore the treehouse do be careful with the unicorn, she can be mean.

BTW have we met online about six years ago? I knew someone who was starting a Star Wars fanzine, even sent them a story. I lost track of them but who ever it was probably rejected the story.. unless like me, at the time, they didn't know a lot about writing. Still don't know enough.

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Welcome to the treehouse.
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LDWriter2: My fanzine was published in the early 80s, so it couldn't be me, sorry. It's too bad you never heard back from the editor. I always made sure I kept in contact with my contributors, whether I liked their work or not.

I have seen several references to the unicorn. I will be watchful. But I love horses, so maybe it will be kind? I will be hopeful.

Thanks for the welcome from you and Meredith!

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Like I said I lost track so maybe I would have heard back eventually.

She was just starting and I never heard if she actually put out anything.

And you may get more welcomes, some of us--me included at times-- can be a few days behind.

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Josephine Kait
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Welcome to Hatrack! Do have fun exploring the Treehouse, but it's really more the griffin that you have to watch out for. [Wink] So don't miss out on the Hatrack Treehouse Adventures!

-Lady Tiger

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