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» Hatrack River Writers Workshop » Forums » Open Discussions About Writing » 03-26-2012 Did You Write?

Author Topic: 03-26-2012 Did You Write?
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03-26-2012 Did You Write?

I am running really late so I have to make this short.
This note is a place to tell about what is going on in your life, and in the process, tell about your writing. It matters not if you wrote or not, the habit of posting is most important so you can develop the habit of opening something, anything, just so you can say you wrote, or that you met your goal.

In previous weeks, I listed the things that can be writing. the list is not exclusive or a law, but is just a suggestion. If you have to ask if it is writing, it is.

As for me, I removed 2000 words from my work right after I posted last week's post. That was out line material and scenes I decided I was not going to use, if only not in that way. they went into a ORPHAN SCENES FILE. I can use them later if needed. That was something suggested to me years ago but only now have I made use of it. the scenes are good, but not for this story.
I had a sore throat on Monday after I got home from work and it took me a couple hours to realize I was getting a cold. Using over the counter treatments kept it from becoming a full blown cold, but it really messed up my writing time. I came home from work and napped, rather than write. I also had a meeting that also killed a day. In all, after I removed all those words, I ended up adding 250 new words.

On the story idea front, I am a day behind. I only have a few days to catch up. For some reason, it is taking longer to write them than they had been. Also I am working later into the day so I have less time to do any kind of writing, story idea or real writing. I don't plan to end the month an idea behind, but it will take some work to fit in an extra story.
I have 40 story ideas in my compost pile. I do have some new ones on top the stack that might be worth writing. I had a period where I dug deeper into the stack so while the number is not great, the depth of the new stuff is a bit more than it has.

As to the question of the day

I can honestly say



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Yes. Primarily revisions to an *ahem* romance novella "The Music Box" that I will probably e-publish. (There just aren't that many markets for it, anyway.)

Some polishing revisions to the synopsis for FIRE AND EARTH (formerly SEVEN STARS). Now I'm going to go through the ms once more and be ready to start querying it.

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Very definitely. I mean, it had been almost a month since I'd had my nose to the drafting grindstone (editing, outlining and world-building I've done since totally aside), so I started again. I'm writing the first draft of the close of my Mirrors trilogy, The Nine, doing my usual NaNo-style routine. It's been a good week, especially for a first week back. As of last night, I'd written 21,995 words of draft I'm fairly happy with.

I also had another story idea introduce itself to me, courtesy of an old favourite song. That's rather unusual for me, but I never say anything but thank you to inspiration. [Smile]

In addition, I'd done a little work on Necromantic, my new trilogy, but very little last week since most of it was spent on The Nine. I'll get back to it once a few other things are done, like the first draft I'm writing, dealing with the feedback on the first book in the trilogy, then editing book 2. I love having a lot of work in the pipeline. I never have to worry about being bored.

Oh, and a bunch of blog posts, just in case I wasn't doing enough with words. [Razz]


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Robert Nowall
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Alas, no. What with impending jury duty (it was canceled, but it occupied my time considerably), and a flareup of back pain again (probably stress and tension), union meetings, birthday celebrations, and all the usual work and home stuff...not a thing.

Well, that's all in the past now (except for the back pain). I should be able to get to something later today or tomorrow.

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Finished a flash fiction today.

The thing about flash isn't the writing of, but the idea. I need 40 ideas in my compost pile. [Smile]

Right now I have 1. I call it my Q3 entry for WotF, which I shall return to now that my flash inspirado has been realized.


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Plotting away, but no 'real' writing.
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Yep, just a little though. Added about 250 words to my WoTF piece.
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Kathleen Dalton Woodbury
Member # 59

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Official off-topic alert:

Speaking of jury duty, there is a new scam out there that you all should know about:



Now returning you to your regular topic.


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Yes I did. 3 weeks in a row. Came up about 1,000 words short of my 10k goal this week, but not totally disapointed. My Birthday was Sunday so didnt get to write that morning. Had dinner and Celtics game, so most of the day was with family, no complaints there.
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Not much. Mainly spinning my wheels the last couple of weeks. I did get two mo,re rejections though, if that counts for anything. At least the one from Asimov was polite, which was refreshing. Another print mag that shall not be named simply told me "couldn't hold my attention" in response to what I consider the best story I ever wrote.

Grrrr... Smashwords.....

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Yeah, two thousand words a day and just passed the 100k mark on the sequel to Blood of the Land. Always exciting to pass that milestone--actually feels like I'm getting somewhere now.
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I have finally caught up with all the critiques I have promised folks by sending Dr. Bob a critique of his novella.

Yesterday I finished cutting the first draft of The Keystone down from 157K words to 109K. More is possible, but more will require some beta readers.

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Much of what I wrote this past week is for a different project entirely, and will probably (not in its current form, at least) never be submitted for publishing. But, it's still writing...and there was much creativity involved.

The Metzgerhund Retreat series is coming along nicely, as is my upcoming WotF entry. I made the decision the other day that everything else I was working on will get placed on hold until I finish the projects I mentioned above, so of course I came up with a brand new idea this morning...


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Boy am I late, the new will be out in a day or two?

Anyway, yes I did.

Some on two or three stories. I interrupted one story to start another one. Took me probably a total of an hour plus to get that opening I "saw" for the new one. I deleted three beginnings except for the First sentence.

Revised a couple of stories
Critted one or two
Posts here--Emails there.
A new Letter to the Editor, interrupted one I had started -- too soon to know if they will publish it.

two or three blogposts. http://musingsofle.blogspot.com

Oh and worked on "Stone Within" novel.

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The pruning of *The Keystone* continues.

Original target: 100K
3 weeks ago: 157K
2 weeks ago: 125K
Last week : 112K
Today : 106,594
Current goal: 105.5K

When I reach my current goal I'll be looking for beta readers.

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A PS on mine. (Who else's would I add a PS to?)

Anyway, next week will be cut back on revising and writing new stories. I want to revise one more for sure because I want to send another to Fantasy and Science Fiction next Saturday. It would be the fourth in a row. I have ten to fourteen stories written that need revising so I may just continue. If it doesn't take too much time away from what I plan to do.

Reminds me of a couple of years ago. I had something like ten weeks in a row more than once to F&SF. A couple of times there were one or two weeks I skipped but it still needed up with eight to twelve stories before I had to stop for a few weeks. I'm surprised JJA didn't get tired of seeing my writing. I thought about him thinking "I wish he would learn to write".

But from my opening up there. As a smart aleck I can be pretty bad, I'm even a smart aleck with myself. [Smile]

[ March 31, 2012, 08:56 PM: Message edited by: LDWriter2 ]

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