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Author Topic: Novel Support Group 7/4 - 7/10
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Welcome to this week's Novel Support Group. Anyone can join. If you're new, tell us a bit about who you are and what project you are working on. Feel free to update the NSG Work in Progress thread with your current projects. Although we can report on any number of things, here is a list of suggestions (suggestions welcomed).

What were your goals last week and did you accomplish them?
Describe what you worked on.
Set goals for next week.
Did you learn something during this week?

Here is a list of things that you can do each week as we work on our novels (suggestions welcomed).

Writing on a novel
World Building
Relevant research


As for me.

Last Week's Goals:

MAGE STORM: Wait out the latest request and a couple of recent queries.
Still waiting. [Frown]

MAGIC AND POWER: Review the first chapter or two and start querying.
Sent three queries. And I got my first request. [Big Grin]

THE SHAMAN'S CURSE: Prepare for launch on July 7th.
Well, I'm probably as prepared as I'm going to be. [Smile]

DREAMER'S ROSE: Pause, for now.
Easy one. [Smile]

THE IGNORED PROPHECY: Finish reworking the chapters I'd "finished" and start forward.
Moving forward. [Smile]

WEIRD OZ: For now, just jot new ideas down as they come and let them percolate.
Another easy one. [Smile]

Update my blog twice a week.
Yes. [Smile]

Next Week's Goals:

Wait out the latest request and a couple of recent queries. Then decide what to do next. Try a small publisher, maybe. I'm in the middle of a lecture series by David Farland (Dave Wolverton) on writing for MG and YA. I may decide to make a change or two based on that.

Send out three more queries.


Pause, for now.

Keep working through this first draft of the rewrite. Try for a chapter a day. For accountability purposes, that's through Chapter 40.

I've finally started to get some new ideas on how to fix this one. For now, just jot those ideas down as they come and let them percolate.

Update my blog twice a week.

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Not much work done.

Wrote out plot elements of new novel.

More of the same this week. Not much work will be done in July with a house full of guests.

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Been working on my files for my E-novel---now called Above My Pay GradeX2 and waiting for the cover.
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Well, I managed to get some of the things I wanted to do done. I still haven’t converted my doodles to text but that’s not an urgent issue, just something I have to set some time aside to do in the near future. Work, as usual, intervened. I’m not saying I’m indispensable, but it sure feels like it.

Essentially, last week I realised that I have to do some technical research for Jack Rayne and Daisyworld and I’m not sure how long it’s going to take me. However, while I’m doing that I can continue developing the gods in Æsir Dawn and dust off The Gryphon Throne. Additionally, I have ‘volunteered’ to take a look at two novels, one about half finished (I assume) and one about 100k words. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about doing it. I think those of us who feel we can assist other writers in their endeavours should do so at every opportunity. More next week.

Æsir Dawn
Last week, in exploring the powers of the gods I decided to ‘limit’ them rather severely. Their basic powers are all those extra sensory powers we are all familiar with: telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation etc. Oh, and immortality of course, and the fact they cannot be killed by mortals. The rest of their apparent powers are mere flim-flam and hokum.

I then started thinking about what each of the gods wanted. Well, what the father of the gods wants is the reason for these stories. What his two sons want is pretty basic, they’re essentially adolescents who’ve never grown up (why should they) and their basic wants are fighting, feasting and wenching, which produces quite a few demi-gods who litter the landscape and add to the general mischief. His daughter is a different matter. She wants the one thing she can never have, the love of a good man (I know, sounds corny, but if I can pull it off it won’t be), which is going to have complications for my male ‘hero’ and my female protagonist.

This coming week I want to develop the ‘environment’ the gods exist in. In doing all the stuff I mentioned above I split the ‘universe’ into the realm of the gods and the mortal realm with a, wait for it . . . a bridge between them. And it will NOT be called Bifrost.

Last week I thought about what my heroine, Kara, was experiencing and how it might manifest itself. I decided that, because her subconscious is working overtime, this is reflected in her dreams. Which has led me to conclude that I need to research dream symbolism. Not the new-age type of understanding and interpretation but the psychological one. So, for the next week or so that’s what I’ll be doing in this story.

Jack Rayne
I was just about to begin writing the narrative of the back-story last week when I realised two things: First, I need more sleep and second, I need to research all of the various space agency programmes that keep a watch on the space in and around our solar system. Then I had another thought and realised I need to research how the exit point of an artificial wormhole would manifest itself and if could we detect it? Any help on these two research projects would be greatly appreciated. So, for the next week or so that’s what I’ll be doing in this story.

The Gryphon Throne
This week I want to go through all my scratch notes on the milieu for this story and try and get it to the point where I can decide what elements I need to tie down.


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