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• Card & Johnston to write Superman comic   February 6, 2013
• Ender's Game tops the Publishers Weekly list of Science Fiction Bestsellers in 2012   Jan 11, 2013



Olhado's eye hits the web   - August 26, 2011
Goodreads Interview with OSC   - January 2011


Books to Read After Harry Potter   - October 01, 2010
Dragon Age Review   - April 2010


A Real-World 'Demosthenes' Outed in Korea.   In Ender's Game, the children Peter and Valentine Wiggin sign on to the nets under secret identities. They speak with authority beyond their years and experience, and begin to influence world events.   Well, it happened for real in Korea, and while the blogger posting as "Minerva" wasn't a child, he certainly would not have been taken seriously under his own name:   - October 2009
Q&A With Orson Scott Card   - August 2009


How far has "Jane" penetrated American culture? Kanye West's concert woes reveal that his stage show includes a visit from ... Jane! Who knew she was into American music? (You'll find her more than halfway down into the article.)   - June 25, 2008


• Brazilian SF writer Roberto de Sousa Causo interviews OSC in Spanish-language "Terra Magazine."
• Brigham Young University's Harold B. Lee Library celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the publication of the short story "Ender's Game" with a display in their Special Collections area. This poster was created for the occasion
• Orson Scott Card and Ben Bova discuss audiobooks and their works in a joint interview
    Free download from Audible.com
OSC debates with Patrick Rothfuss about Harry Potter.
OSC squares off with a Baptist seminary professor on whether Mormon presidential candidate Mitt Romney is or is not a Christian
• OSC is interviewed by "Gaming Today: News for Gamers" on FileFront. Here's the latest word on what's happening with the Ender's Game movie and Ender's Game games
The Sci Phi Show Outcast #47 - Interview with Orson Scott Card



• "Unshelved" features "Ender's Game"


• Hatrack River is given the Wooden Rocket Award for Best Author Site.



Young writers find authors' words spell encouragement - Florida Times-Union - February 2002


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