Orson Scott Card Sightings
OSC in Israel - October 2003

David "Didi" Chanoch, Rani Graff, and Asaf Ashery with OSC. These three leading editors, translators, and guiding lights of Israeli science fiction were OSC's guides, companions, and, after a very short time, good friends.

OSC at dinner with many of the administrators of I-Con

OSC with a crowd, watching a live reenactment of an "insult duel" from the game Monkey Island.

And here are the pirate duelists in the final pas de deux.

OSC meets the first live performers in the roles of Guybrush Threepwood and Evil Pirate (parts created by game designer Ron Gilbert - OSC wrote only the insults).

Very patient and courteous readers waiting for signatures, fotos, and a moment to chat.

And this is what awaited them after all that standing in line.

And on into darkness ...

Coming outside on the last day to meet the 120 unpaid volunteers who made I-Con such a smooth-running convention ...

... who promptly gave him his first "wave" ...

... and then listened to OSC's shortest speech of the convention.

OSC still has no idea what the Hebrew letters say, but they assured him that it was really funny.

Continuing the conversation after a speech.

OSC's first encounter with a battle room star - emblazoned with the first line from the story version of "Ender's Game."

He just never stops talking ...

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