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QUESTION: In many of your books the characters are trying to find peace within the human race. For example: In Earthborn there is a struggle for peace between three species. The earth people, middle people, and sky people. The Kept (those who follow the keeper) are trying to teach the people of earth to love each other despite the three species differences. Is this idea something that you hope for the human race? That one day the people will be able to live in peace, in a world where everyone follows the same god, because that is what is right.

-- Submitted by Lyndsay Bushey

OSC REPLIES: - August 31, 1999

I think peace is a noble objective, but not the only noble objective, and worthless if achieved without freedom or concern for happiness. (No one, for instance, is more peaceful than the dead ; the absence of disturbance is not the same thing as "good.") So, while peace is good, you'll notice that my characters are also willing to disrupt the peace of others, when the cause feels right for other reasons. That is the constant tension of the human race -- deciding what is good and right at any given moment in any given situation.

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