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I am a gay man who has loved your books since I was introduced to Ender's Game in middle school. Your stories have provided me with the passion to write and I am currently hard at work on my first novel. My question is in regards to the Homecoming series. Zdorab is a gay man that lives his life the early part of his life in shame, but, once away from the gay culture, spends the rest of his life content to be married and love his best friend Shedemei. Were you trying to make a statement about gay culture or homosexuals in general and what relation does that have to the priest that rapes Ilihiak in Earthborn?

-- Submitted by Gregory Hambrick

OSC REPLIES: - May 12, 2000

Zdorab was not intended as a general statement -- he was a specific character brought into a closed society where reproduction was at a premium. Since many men self-identified as gay have nevertheless fathered children, and many have close friendships with women, this did not seem an unreasonable way for Zdorab to respond to the situation in which he found himself.

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