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In the Ender Saga, I see standard patterns of values and attitudes and here I pose my questions.

1. What values and attitudes do you hold dear in real life?; and

2. Why did you write the Ender Saga?

-- Submitted by Justin Sideris

OSC REPLIES: - September 20, 2000

There is no way to answer the first question in less than a couple of volumes -- indeed, one might say that my whole career consists of answers to that question -- and as for the second, there are as many true answers as you want: I wrote it for money, I wrote it because people seemed to want more books about Ender, I wrote each book because of story elements that appealed to me, I wrote each book for completely separate reasons, I wrote them because nobody would pay to see my paintings or watch me dance and I can't do brain surgery or practice law.

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