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This question is going to be quite a contrast to the rest of the serious literary questions posted at this site. As part of my research project on Orson Scott Card my teacher asked me to find out what his favorite food was. Hopefully you can answer or tell me where I could find the answer.

-- Submitted Anonymously

OSC REPLIES: - February 11, 2002

I have no one favorite food. There are foods I especially love, foods I like and can eat continually, day after day, without getting tired of them, and foods that I am so addicted to that I have to shun them entirely in order not to balloon to eight hundred pounds before they have to tear down a wall to crane my dead body out of my house.

Foods I love: Vitamina (pure fruit smoothy that contains papaya, banana, orange juice, and usually pineapple and/or mango); the Dan Dan noodles at P.F.Chang's; the goat cheese salad at Joe's in Venice; the bruschette at Rossini's in NYC; the tomato basil soup and the potato galette at La Madeleine

Foods I like and can eat daily, forever: Tuna sandwiches made with Miracle Whip Free, white albacore tuna (packed in water), with Duck Puddle Farm sweet-and-hot mustard; Yoplait light very vanilla and key lime pie yogurts; good cottage cheese; Guilt Free brand ice cream sandwiches; some really terrific pasta salads that have been added to my family's menu list over the past few years.

Foods I lose self-control over and have banned from my diet: Crispix in milk (I haven't had any in more than ten years, because I go through a box at a single sitting if I ever have any at all); chocolate covered cashews and chocolate covered peanuts; peanut M&Ms; Twix bars; Ben & Jerry's triple caramel chunk (I do still eat this, but only on rare occasions); Big Macs; thick chocolate milkshakes.

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