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Mr. Card, in my opinion, Peter was the most intriguing character in Ender's Game, and yet, there was still much that the reader had to guess. My question is, when Peter told Ender that he loved him (page 15) was it another planned move by him, or were we really seeing another part of him? Any information about Peter would be amazing!

-- Submitted Anonymously

OSC REPLIES: - February 11, 2002

I believe he meant it -- but that, if challenged, he would have denied that he meant it. Brilliant as he was, Peter was at that time an adolescent, with a tendency to say what came to mind. If he was angry or hurt, he'd lash out with statements that were far crueler than he realized, and that threatened far more terrible acts than he would ever actually have carried out. He did not yet have control of his temper in relation to the rivals who really threatened him -- Valentine and Ender.

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