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My teacher is asking us to do research on you, and so one of the questions is: what is your favorite song, and why?

-- Submitted Anonymously

OSC REPLIES: - June 7, 2005

My absolute favorite song of all possible songs?

Several candidates:

To listen to with nostalgia:

  • Michael from Mountains, written by Joni Mitchell, but sung by Judy Collins.
  • Come On, Come On, Mary Chapin Carpenter

Message that means something to me:

  • Sand and Water, Beth Nielsen Chapman
  • Front Porch View, Lonestar

Best performance:

  • Desperately, Shirley Eikhard
  • Don't Give Up, Peter Gabriel

Greatest pleasure for ME to sing (audience might not be so happy):

  • Being Alive, Stephen Sondheim
  • Lord's Prayer, Albert Hay Malotte (a cappella)

And after this I'll think of three hundred that I wish I'd listed.

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