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Ask A Research Question

The purpose of this area is to give students the opportunity to ask questions about Orson Scott Card or his books for school research papers and projects. Questions submitted to this area are for that purpose only. Answers to appropriate questions will be posted in the "OSC Answers Questions" area.

Before asking a question, you may want to search through the previously answered questions.

We will not answer:

  • Questions that have been previously answered and posted.
  • Questions that can be found by reading the book.
  • Questions that are obviously homework questions asked by the teacher and meant to be answered by the student.
  • Questions that are not for the purpose of research.
  • Questions that are obviously meant to start an argument.

Although we will make every attempt to answer all other appropriate questions, please realize that we are inundated with e-mail every day and it is not possible to answer every letter. We will do our best.

Questions for or about OSC that are not for the purpose of student research should be submitted at the Help Desk.

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By submitting a research question, you convey to Hatrack River Enterprises the right to publish your question, in any medium or language, as edited by Hatrack River Enterprises, in perpetuity, without payment to you.

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