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Stories from students at Jakarta International School

Roxanne Modesto

  • Female aged 41
  • Financial problems
  • Two children-young
  • Struggling to get a job,
  • Evil boss fired her and gave a lousy recommendation because she was a devoted mother and he was an inattentive father

Why? She's a devoted mother, but has an evil boss. She'd really like to spend time with her kids but has work (with the evil boss.) Evil boss was an inattentive father, and was envious of her devoted motherness.

Why? Evil boss gave her a lousy recommendation because he wanted her to stay at her position at her job, and wants her not to move to another job. Because then wouldn't want Mrs. Roxmond because she has a bad recommendation from her boss and will not accept her in their offices. That way, she stays at work and doesn't go home. And he is envious of her motherness.

What result? She wouldn't go home, and her kids will be sad. But then she asks a friend to fake a résumé.

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