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Writer of the Terrible Choice Orson Scott Card: Writer of the Terrible Choice
By Edith S. Tyson

Price: 40.00
Edition: Hard Cover
Pages: 192

Signed by Edith S. Tyson and Orson Scott Card

Using overviews of and highlights from many of Card's works both popular and lesser known Tyson reveals how the central theme of the Terrible Choice runs through all of Card's works. With settings ranging from biblical times to historical periods and fictitious planets, Card explores such plot lines as how a singing voice can be used as a weapon, how a young woman can lead a quest, and how love can transcend time. New fans of Card's works will gain a thorough introduction to his writings, while existing fans will discover qualities of Card's writing they never suspected.

Edith Tyson, now retired, is a former instructor of English at the University of New Mexico and, later, Clarion University of Pennsylvania. She has worked as a general reference and young adult librarian.

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