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Home To Roost Home To Roost
By Linda Hoffman Kimball

Price: $8.95
Edition: Trade Paperback
Pages: 193

Order by December 18, 2015 for Christmas Delivery

Read Chapter One

Annie's party had been going smoothly. Too smoothly, apparently.
Because there in the doorway stood her long-lost Aunt Minnie, suitcases in hand. This was not the relative Annie would have chosen to introduce to her friends in the ward, for not only was Minnie a bit loud in voice and dress, but also her choice of comments left something to be desired - like a loud bleeping sound.

Annie might have invited Minnie to stay, but she never got the chance. Minnie had changed into red satin jammies, all set for bed, before Annie could make up her mind.

And yet, annoying as Aunt Minnie could be, it was just possible that she was, quite literally, a Godsend. As the first of her family to join the Church, Annie had been meaning to do temple work for years, but never had the first idea where to start. Now there, ensconced in the spare bedroom, was a walking - and definitely talking - family history.

But maybe there were some stories Annie wasn't ready to hear.

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