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The Innkeeper's Daughter The Innkeeper's Daughter
By Kathryn H. Kidd

Price: $3.95
Edition: Trade Paperback
Pages: 42

Order by December 18, 2015 for Christmas Delivery

Read Chapter One

Deborah's mother is being crabby, not because Mother's new baby is almost due to be born. It's because Father and Mother keep the inn at Bethlehem, and this week they have more guests than they ever thought possible. They're all coming to be counted in the Census, and somehow they all have to be given food and water and a clean place to sleep.

With so much work to do, everybody has to help. There isn't time to play or talk or think. The way Mother's acting, there must not be time to be nice. And for sure there's no time for Deborah to see her friend Andrew, the shepherd's boy that she has decided to marry when they both grow up.

Now a couple from Galilee are at the gate, hoping, somehow, to get a room at the inn. There's not a speck of space. But the young woman is about to have a baby, just like Mother. Father can't turn them away, not when Deborah knows there is a place where they could stay....

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