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Gert Fram Gert Fram - A Kid's Book for Grown-ups
By Nancy Allen Black

Price: $5.95
Edition: Trade Paperback
Pages: 112

Order by December 18, 2015 for Christmas Delivery

Read Chapter One

Sue Lynn Jones would be a perfectly happy child of 8 - if only her father weren't a member of the Tie-of-the-Month Club, and if her mother knew how to throw away food that had been in the refrigerator since the 1970s, and if her older sister weren't a concentration-camp-guard-in-training with Sue Lynn as her practice prisoner.

Sue Lynn's rescuer is the world-famous novelist Gert Fram, who takes time out of her busy schedule to examine Sue Lynn's woes and transform them into Works of Literature. Of course, since Gert Fram suffers from the affliction of being entirely imaginary, Sue Lynn has to write Fram's books for her. And since Sue Lynn does not have an unlimited supply of paper, the books are all unusually short. Still, they are the private solace of one of the most outraged - and outrageous - children you will ever know.

Nancy Allen Black's first novel reveals the kind of satiric mind that can see with the frank and innocent eyes of a child. Adult and teenage readers alike will be entranced ... and appalled ... and delighted by the utter honesty of this small comic masterpiece.

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