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Storyteller Storyteller/OSC Bibliography
The Official Bibliography and Guide
to the Works of Orson Scott Card
By Michael R. Collings
We do not keep this item in stock; it must be ordered from the publisher. Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery.

Price: 59.95
Edition: Hard Cover

The first volume documenting and collecting Orson Scott Card's work for the last thirty years. Orson Scott Card has won many awards and honors over the years including the Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, Japanese Science Fiction, and John Campbell Award. His novels include Ender's Game, Tales of Alvin Maker Saga, The Worthing Saga, Xenocide, Speaker for the Dead, Folk of the Fringe, The Abyss, The Homecoming Saga, Maps in a Mirror, Lost Boys and many other novels and short story collections. Overlook Connection Press is proud to bring you this Orson Scott Card Bibliography by Michael R. Collings which accounts for every novel, story, poem . . . every word that ha been published and then some. This is a must for any reader, fan, or library who wants to learn everything about this wonderful author's work.

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