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Return To Paradise Return To Paradise
By Kathryn H. Kidd

Price: $8.95
Edition: Trade Paperback
Pages: 206

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Gossip is rocking the foundations of the Paradise View Ward, and Amy Hardesty is at the center of it. As the ward newspaper editor, she knows where the bodies are buried - and some of the bodies aren't happy about it. Chief among them is Norma Jean Forrest, who believes her marriage is endangered by the man-hungry Amy, and who will stop at nothing in the quest to keep her hard-won husband. She embarks on a battle to the death to keep her man, with everyone in Paradise View taking sides, and only Amy in unaware that the war is being fought.

Kathryn H, Kidd returns to the best-loved fictional ward in the Church with this long-awaited sequel to Paradise View

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