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Zanna's Gift Zanna's Gift
A Christmas message for our time

Price: $5.99
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 144

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A few years ago, I wanted to establish a writing identity that was not tied to science fiction. I began with a simple Christmas story, Zanna's Gift, and used the pseudonym Scott Richards. Unfortunately, word got out about who "Scott Richards" really was, and the pseudonym became useless for its original purpose.

So my publisher and I agreed that we might as well reissue Zanna's Gift under my own name. If I try the pseudonym gambit again, you can be sure that it will be untraceable. Meanwhile, I hope people will enjoy Zanna's Gift, which holds about as much Christmas spirit as I can pack into one slim book.

OSC has been using Zazzle to design t-shirts for the casts of shows and for family gifts. Now he's making some of them available for public purchase. They're divided into two groups: "Ender's Game" and "Quotes and Sayings." (This does not replace the "Ender's Game" and other materials we have at Cafe Press.)

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