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Author Topic: Filled With Pride
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Warning: I am about to sound 1. dopey
2. Stereotyping
3. Elitist

This is not something I would ordinarily say, because to people close to me, the fact that I am vain is all to obvious, and to strangers, I try to never let it show.

Though I didn't agree with going to war in Iraq, I simply was not proud of my fellow countrymen that rioted in the street day-in and day-out and ended up doing nothing.
Though I pretty much supported taking the Taliban out of Afghanistan at the time, I was not proud of my government then.
My State, for a long time, was undeniably a last frontier, and I would like to keep it that way. Consequently, I am very much angered by outside nye-on to imperial outside interest groups, tourism industries, corrupt politicians, and metro people trying to turn this State into one big city like the rest of this country.
I am certainly not proud of the people who live here letting these outsiders in.

In spite of all, I've still been proud that my State is what is- a frontier. And now, that's not all I'm proud of.
Bush and his little wars don't bother be so much. Wolfowitz and his imperialistic pig doctrine don't bother me so much. The fact that a few cities may get nuked by terrorists as a result of what they've done doesn't bother me so much. The fact that they may have set the wheels turning for WWIII in 30 years or so bothers me a little, but that's a ways off for sure.
But that John Ashcroft can come right out in front of most of the nation with a extended "patriot" act, and not get fired OR SHOT, That pisses me off.
Recently, the vast majority of Alaskan communites city government's have outright rejected and renounced the patriot act. Not only that, but our three semi-corrupt U.S. congressmen, in an act of approximately the first good thing they've ever done have made as if to renounce and reject it. Unbelievably, State representative Don Young, who actually voted for the original patriot act said that Congress made an irrational "emotional" decision.

Now I have no problem with outsiders who come here with a respect for the way of living close to the land and sea (and I don't mean greenies ), but if I've ever doubted that the lower 48 states are, by and large, one big hunk of brainwashed idiots, I'll doubt a lot less now. And I am Very Very glad to see that my State hasn't gone that way quite yet.

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I have no comment, I just thought I'd add some links, so they know what you are talking about. [Wink]



Those are the same thing, just one in pdf and one in "regular" whatever. [Wink] (Html?)

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PDFs are special files read by the Adobe Acrobat Reader. What their purpose is I'm not sure; they seem obsolete to me.
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Advantages of PDF
PDF files have a wide range of advantages.

Secure: Creators of PDF files can prevent the copying of text, editing of text, alteration of graphics, and printing of a document. With PDF format, you can add user-password security at the document level. This enables documents to be sent via email between people or locations without unauthorized viewing of the document.

Preserves document integrity: PDF files retain all of the formatting contained in the original source document. Fonts are embedded in the PDF document, so readers do not need to have the specific fonts used in the document on their computers. Also, all graphics, special characters, and colors display as they were created.

Cross-platform: The PDF format displays a document independently of the hardware, operating system, and application software used to create the original PDF file. It is designed to create transferable documents that can be shared across multiple computer platforms.

Readily available: PDF files can be retrieved, viewed, and printed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Anyone, anywhere can open a PDF file if they have the Acrobat Reader software. The Reader is easy to download from the Adobe Web site for free.

Speed: PDF files are compact and often smaller than their source files, allowing PDF files to open quickly. They can be downloaded a page at a time for fast display on the Web and generally do not slow down network systems. A one-page, 8 1/2 x 11 document is often about 1,000 kilobytes in size, but, when converted into PDF format, can compress to approximately 25-35 kilobytes.

Distribute anywhere: PDF files can be published and distributed anywhere, including in print, attached to an email, on corporate servers, posted on Web sites, or on a CD-ROM. PDF files display as created, regardless of installed fonts, software, and operating systems. When you print a PDF file it looks the same way it displays and it prints correctly on almost any printing device.

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Boy that sure stayed on topic. [Roll Eyes]


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I should make a new type of food called "Pride" so when people eat lots of it, they, too will be filled with "Pride!" [Big Grin]
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