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Author Topic: LOTR line party
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For those of us who can't go to the fantastically cool Wenchcon, there is still hope.

There are line parties happening all over. http://www.theonering.net/movie/lineparty/

Why don't we all organize worldwide hatrack get togethers for these?

In Salt Lake, there are a few options. There will be a real party happening at the Ritz 15. There is also Trilogy Tuesday at Jordan Commons. Email me if you folks want some more info.

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I've emailed Pat, seeing what he is up to. I think I am going to go ahead and do the Gray Havens thing.

Friends - Here is how we are going to have the best movie going
experience of our lives. Read all the details.

SEVERAL PLANS: There are several viewing options this year
to meet the needs of our fans. Choose the one that is best for you
but choose wisely.

SHIRE PLAN: For those who choose comfort above all else: We will
host a big party at Ritz 15 with music, baners, gifts, costume contests and
a Midnight
showing of the "Return Of The King," what Elijah Wood calls "better than the
two combined." Cost will be $10. No immediate action required but money is
being accepted.

MORIA PLAN: Want to burrow into the deep places of the earth and
stay? Jordan Commons will have the only print in Utah of the
Extended Editions of "Fellowship" and "2Towers". They are on New
Line's schedule and the movies will show at 3 p.m., 7 p.m., and 11
p.m.. You will barely have time to pee but the viewing experience
promises to be amazing. A very good source tells me tickets will be
$30, although that could change. Jordan Commons has elected to
sell tickets to the public only, not to us as a group.

SO, we must now, immediately, RIGHT NOW, start collecting money so
that when tickets go on sale, we can buy as many as we need, all together.
J. Commons
will have 1100 seats available that will serve all of Utah. One day, one
Ticket sale date is not announced but New Line said, "late September" or
October," in a press release. Ifn the cost is less than $30, we will refund
difference of course.

GRAY HAVENS: The best of all worlds, this is my personal plan for
December 16th. The cost is higher, but well worth it because this will be a
one-time thing. I will be at Jordan Commons at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. but after
"The Two Towers" ends (10:45 p.m.), I will get in my car and drive to Ritz
for the midnight "Return Of The King." I don't want to miss the group
experience and the big party and the costumes and the prizes and the
gift bag and most especially the "fellowship."

We CANNOT do all that at J. Commons because of how they have chosen
to sell tickets, which is certianly their perogative. And with New Line's
schedule there is no time for costumes, give-aways and general celebrating.
Cost is $30 +
$8 (probably). I fully realize this is steep and difficult for families -
thus you
all have the choice. In sympathy, for those who DO choose this option, I
will try
to work in a "combo ticket" that includes a T-shirt for $45 or so. Perhaps I
be the ONLY person doing the "Gray Havens" plan and that is fine.

ACT NOW IF - If you want to participate in the "Moria" or "Havens"
plan, we need your money immediately. We will buy as many tickets as we get
for. I hope against hope that we can buy about 450 the minute the box office
Jordan Commons opens and fill one of their three theaters. If you don't want
to sit
with other geeks in LP3 T-shirts feel free to buy your own tickets. Fandango
will probably sell them but they do charge a surcharge of $2 - $3. Jordan
Commons is
confident they will sell out - even without our group - so we urge you to
quickly. We will be camping out or waiting in line as needed to ensure our

HOW DO I PAY? - Mike Shepard is our accountant this year. You

can pay by check to Mike Sheppard. Mail to:
Mike c/o Larry
P.O. Box 519
Midvale, UT. 84047
(Checks payable to Mike Shepherd NOT NOT NOT Larry)

PAYPAL - If you use PayPal, the quickest way to pay is at account
This account does NOT accept credit cards which saves us from a $1
processing fee on every order. If you want to use a credit card, pay at the
SaltLakeLOTR@hotmail.com PayPal account and DO add $1 per transation. You
can stop reading
now or you can read these Frequently Asked Questions, but please do not send
asking questions until you have read the FAQ.

All Line Party email should be sent to SaltLakeLOTR@hotmail.com NOT
this account.


Q: Why don't we just do the whole thing at Jordan Commons?
A: They declined to let us buy tickets early and there will not be
time or help needed to put the "PARTY" into "Line Party."

Q: How is Jordan Commons showing one print to 1100 people?
A: They will loop the print through three theaters/projectors at one
time. This also makes it difficult for our group because we cannot expect
the other
theaters to wait around while we do a costume contest.

Q: Can I choose get the Jordan Commons tickets now and choose the
"Gray Havens" plan later?
A: Yes. We only need the "Trilogy Tuesday" money right now but we
can collect money for all tickets.

Q: Will the Havens Plan really be worth it?
A: In my opinion, definitely yes. The group fun and the feeling of
with hundreds of fans just as excited as you are for the dimming of
lights and the start of ROTK is special. The way the theater goes
reverently quiet when the film starts and the fun of the costumes and the
general celebration of the historical finish to these historical films is
well worth $8 and a car ride. I also don't want to miss out on the
Extended Editions in theaters, all in one day.

Q: Will people be mad if I just stay at Jordan Commons?
A: No. That option is understandable.

Q: Is New Line giving a gift to "Trilogy Tuesday" patrons?
A: The rumour is that they are. Nothing official has been stated and
might never be.

Q: Will the gift bags be better this year?
A: Probably. We hope that funds from our T-shirts are sufficient to
allow us to send everybody home with 1st-class swag. We have some
stuff and some LP3 stuff lined up. Items MIGHT include figurines, magazines,
recipies, window decals, bookmarks, TORn T-shirts and this year we will be
many of our minor prizes into the bags instead of taking time to give them
individually. Our major prizes will still be public give-aways but the
process will be
much shorter this year.

Q: If I choose the Gray Havens plan, can I sit with friends at
"Return Of The King"?
A: Probably. The ticket organizers will make every effort to ensure
that groups are in the same theater. We encourage large groups to
splinter and we strongly discourage saving seats as it becomes rude to other
fans. Still, a little planning should allow everybody to sit with friends.

Q: Will there be a celebrity there?
A: No. Your votes were strongly on the side of "nobody cares." Mr.
Mortenson will be very disappointed. We may start a letter-writing campaign
Workshops and invite them.

Q: What is all this about T-shirts?
A: We are selling T-shirts that will fund our party bags, party
decor and other party expenses such as press kits, sponsor kits, signs and
forth. I think the shirts look great and they are quality, 100% pre-shrunk
cotton. For me they will be a geek-pride display for years.

Q: What is this about a movie being filmed?
A: "Ringers: Lord Of The Fans" is a documentary feature-length film
currently in production. www.theonering.net/ringers
Last month I saw its trailer "preview" for the film and it uses a
lot of footage from last year's "2002 Towers" event. A crew will be on hand
year as well. The post-production work starts in December and this movie
will be
available later in 2004, perhaps at film festivals, in theaters or as an
extra on DVDs.
We want to look good! There will also be newspaper, TV and possibly radio
our event this year.

Q: What is this about pins?
A: Not to be confused with buttons, Badali Jewelry is producing a
run of high-quality pins to commorate our Line Party. The owner is a big
fan of Tolkien and these pins will be available for about $10. Details to

Q: Is this the end for Line Parties?
A: No. We will have annual "3-in-one" movie viewings at The Ritz and
at least one more "Extended Edition" viewing party for "Return Of The King"
Borders. The Hobbit movie will get made eventually.
The Salt Lake line now has its own website with information, news
stories and a message board. Join us at: http://www.ringfaq.com/slcline/
High-speed Internet access as low as $29.95/month*. Click here. *Depending
on the local
service providers in your area.

The Salt Lake line now has its own website with information, news >stories
and a message board. Join us at: " target="_blank">http://www.ringfaq.com/slcline/[/quote]

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Trogdor the Burninator
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Larry and I were talking about how cool you are Ami. He's very happy I introduced you to the line party goodness.

I WILL be there, with about 25 people in tow. Doing balloons, and making a general butt of myself.

I say, the more rackers, the better.

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::will try to plan on it::

Since I am trying to do the Oregon thing, AND WenchCon, asking for time off for all of this might prove to be difficult. But, I'm on good terms with my new team lead, and have recently switched over to part time, so ya' never know.

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Thanks for the link, Ami. I'm going to go to the one in Dallas.

Dallas Hatrackers! Come play!

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Jon Boy
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Ruth and I will try to be there this time.
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Her Royal Sweekiness
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Isn't that finals week? I'm thinking about catching the first midnight showing in Provo, but I don't know if I can make it to SLC for the cool stuff. As for cost, if I saved up, I'd probably be able to do the Grey Havens one.

Plus, I'd just like to hang out with the LotR Hatrackers out there.

[ September 29, 2003, 04:58 PM: Message edited by: Her Royal Sweekiness ]

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Just to wet y'alls appetite:


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