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Author Topic: I have a Secret
Space Opera
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Oooh, I like some of the names suggested too. We're no longer sharing names after getting a really ungracious reaction from one of my sisters about a name we're pretty much definate on. Honestly, I didn't care if she liked the name of not, but don't ask me what I'm gonna name my kid and then make fun of it, you know?

space opera

edit: I forgot to add - I've always liked the name Elena. It's unusual (around here at least) and feminine. We won't use it though because my daughter's name also begins with an "E" and 2 of them is just too cutesy.

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I have an unusual name and I like it now, but I was miserable growing up. I wanted to change my name to Susan. No one knew how to pronounce Kira and I could never find my name on keychains and stuff like that. If you give your child an unusual name, but prepared for them to have to constantly correct people and spell it out. I'm not telling you not to (I love my name now), I just want you to be aware of what your child will face.
Yeah, but more people have unusual names now then in the past, so maybe it's not as much of a problem. The younger generation will have to tell us.

I do know that the kids at the neighborhood sports program (almost none of them Jewish) thought Shlomo was a cool name. And some Jewish kids visiting our synagogue over a holiday break made fun of his name. Go figure!

And even common names like Sara(h) can be misspelled. [Smile]

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Hatrack babies will take over the world. Keep up the good work. [Smile]
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I hated my name growing up. Not only has the name "Mary" been ultra-common historically, but in my generation there were virtually *no* Mary's. The name had a connotation I didn't like: naive, old-maid, goody-goody, socially awkward, and *very* not sexy.

And I got tired of people reciting nursery rhymes to me.

But, on the other hand, I loved the Mary's of the New Testament. The mother of Christ who was told by Gabriel that she was blessed among women. The one Christ first appeared to as a ressurrected being. So it was special too, but more deep down.

That's why I now go as "Mary Cate" (my middle name is "Catherine"). It preserves the "Mary", and yet changes the whole character of the name for me. Now I just get people associating me with the Olson twin. But I like it much better.

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dread pirate romany
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[Smile] Congrats and blessing, Jenny.
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Erik Slaine
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<--Loves it when smart people reproduce!


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My grandma is Mary K., also known as Katie; she went through a period of not liking Mary, so in college she was Katie. When she got older, she went back to Mary K. So, half the people who know her call her Mary K., and half call her Katie. (We kids call her Grandma Katie, because I think it just sounded better, or maybe it was the name that she used while my mom was growing up, or... I don't know.)

My point is, whether it's unusual or not, some kids are going to want to change their names. All you can do is try to pick a pretty middle name in case they want to go by it-- my mom named me Anne Hoffman Lenaburg. Now, when I got older, that seemed really cool to me, and I would sign my whole name. (Until I got married, etc. Anyway. Back to story.) Hoffman is my mom's maiden name (actually, her name; she never changed it when she married my dad, her second marriage.) But when my friends would say, "What will our fairy princess names be?" "I know! We'll all go by our middle names!" I'd run off crying. (They all had middle names like Juliet and Melissa and Allison.) They had to drag me back and let me pick an "honorary" middle name to have whatever name I wanted before I would play; the Magic Fairy Hoffman just doesn't sound right. [Frown]

As a result, all our kids will have attractive middle names. So there. [Wink]

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Congrats, Jenny!

I have to admit to initially reading it as: I GOT pregnant at WenchCon. Which caused a bit of o_O

How are you feeling?

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That's wonderful friend, congratulations! [Big Grin]

Hobbes [Smile]

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Everyone always freaks out about kids teasing, but you know what? Kids tease everyone, not just Anneke. So name him whatever you want.

I always wanted to name daughters Marcella and Raphaela, but now that I've decided to name them in alphabetical order, I'm pretty sure (hopeful?) I'll never need to use those two. [Smile]

I used to love the boy's name Aidan, but then it went all Jason on us. Grrr.

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[Laugh] Lucky4


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Jenny Gardener
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Me too, Annie. Aidan would have been my daughter's name if she were a boy...

I'm feeling well, though I have to take an hour nap every day. And I eat A LOT. And I crave Taco Bell.

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Congrats! And yeah, I also saw you mention it on another thread, so thought you were being low key about it. I like that now we can be all Yeah! Jenny's having a baby! and all that. [Party]
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Actually, when I was in school, I can't remember a single time anyone ever teased someone about their name. It was more their looks, social "status", or character that got teased. And this was not because we were all named John and Mary. On the contrary, since a good-sized population of our island is composed of new-age-y hippies, we had our fair share of uncommon names. *grin* Added to that, of course, was the complete multicultural blending in the classrooms, so that there were significant populations of Asians, Islanders, and Caucasions, and smaller groups of nearly every other race I can think of offhand. In fact, the only race I can recall that was vastly under represented was blacks, which seems odd now that I think about it.

All of which is beside-the-point blathering. I mostly wanted to say Congratulaaaaations, Jenny! *confettis*


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Congratulations, Jenny!! [Big Grin]

I'm so happy for you and your husband.

No thoughts on names, other than "no way!" at Titania. You can find a better name.

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Congratulations! Hope your fear for hospitals has somewhat diminished.
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Wonko The Sane
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helpfull site Names
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