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Author Topic: Did I do alright? Helping Potential Suicidal
Sid Meier
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L ‎(2:48 PM):
I am not all right
L ‎(2:49 PM):
I am a devastated shell of the man I used to be
I have lost the will to live
I have lost my appitet and don't want to eat
L ‎(2:50 PM):
I don't want to breath
I just want to die
Sid Meier ‎(2:54 PM):
okay, the problems you are having now, while I can say that I have never experienced it, so take my words with a pinch of salt, but. While I cannot feel the same as you feel about this I think that I can say that these problems of your while as bad, and as hurtful as they currently seem now, it will not last forever and will heal over time.

Speaking from complete ignorance here, I can say that things will get better if you give it a chance. I have had many close friends whove I believe experienced what yuou are feeling now.
Sid Meier ‎(2:55 PM):
have given time a chance and while I cannot speak or think for them I do believe that the experience has made them better
L ‎(2:55 PM):
How can I go on, when the sole reason I wanted to live, don't want to be with me anymore?
L ‎(2:56 PM):
I have nothing to live for, except for the fear of being damned if I take my own life
Sid Meier ‎(2:56 PM):
to quote shakespeare, it is better to have loved and lost then to have never to have loved at all. For now, you should struggle to go forward in life if not for yourself then for her and for those and others who care for you.
L ‎(2:56 PM):
I disagree with Shapespeare
Sid Meier ‎(2:56 PM):
being turned into a tree is probably not the best fate I can agree with that
L ‎(2:57 PM):
If you feel love, you will never feel the pain of loosing it
I meant, If you never feel love
Sid Meier ‎(2:58 PM):
but then again, without that loss, without that pain you would never know how much you wanted it, needed it, until you lost or felt it.
for life there is death for love there is hate for pain there is joy.
L ‎(2:58 PM):
And that is what hurts me
Ignorance is bliss!
L ‎(2:59 PM):
Live is easier if you are ignorant
Sid Meier ‎(2:59 PM):
and it is that pain that will make you stronger, use this experience to learn from it.
life is easier but not more fufilled
L ‎(2:59 PM):
The more you know and learn, the more things will hurt you
Sid Meier ‎(2:59 PM):
it is sad that the choice must either be the tree of life or the tree of knowledge
L ‎(2:59 PM):
Nay. I can't go on, I don't want to go on. I love her
Sid Meier ‎(3:00 PM):
have you told her this?
L ‎(3:00 PM):
Of course
Sid Meier ‎(3:00 PM):
do you know why?
she is doing this?
L ‎(3:00 PM):
She says she can't be happy with me anymore, and that she can't have a relationship right now
she says she still has feelings for me, and care for me
L ‎(3:01 PM):
still she is icecold regarding on how I feel
atleast, it feels so for me
Sid Meier ‎(3:01 PM):
if you do not go on, if you hurt yourself you will only really hurt her
is that what you want?
L ‎(3:02 PM):
I want her to be happy
but why do I have to be broken?
Sid Meier ‎(3:02 PM):
this feeling wont last for eternity
it will feel like it at first
but eventually it gets easier to cope with.
Sid Meier ‎(3:03 PM):
I would say do what you can to live your life to the fullest, show that even while hurt you are indomitable.
L ‎(3:03 PM):
Last time I felt like this
It took me over 2 years to come out of the depression
L ‎(3:04 PM):
I don't want to feel like this for two more years
Sid Meier ‎(3:06 PM):
that could be indictitive of a possible medical situation, as your brothers keeper I would suggest you see a psychiatrist and see what you with a professional can do to work this out
L ‎(3:06 PM):
I have censored for privacy, kinda
L ‎(3:07 PM):
I don't trust doctors, nor medication
I only trust myself, now.
Sid Meier ‎(3:07 PM):
me neither but its better then nothing and I dont live close enough to you to help you through this nearly as well as your local profesisonal can
and I have dysphasia
L ‎(3:07 PM):
And you are the first on Pdox I say I have censored for privacy
Sid Meier ‎(3:08 PM):
I am honored that you would entrust this information to me
L ‎(3:08 PM):
I don't care anymore
Sid Meier ‎(3:08 PM):
I care
Sid Meier ‎(3:09 PM):
the people on pdox care, your girl friend obviously cares, your parents would care, any f your rea life friends care.
alot of people care about you man
L ‎(3:09 PM):
yea, but they can't make me feel better, nor make me care about myself
why do I even argue?
L ‎(3:10 PM):
I just want to stop living, to get piss-drunk
get laid
Sid Meier ‎(3:10 PM):
you obviously cared enough to log onto ICQ and talk to me, a complete stranger about these problems
L ‎(3:11 PM):
Yea, well Pdox people are generally quite educated and balanced people
Sid Meier ‎(3:11 PM):
I'm 20 years old with the behavioral development of a 12 year old, I'm somewhat of a bad example.
Sid Meier ‎(3:12 PM):
I will be right back I need to use the bathroom
L ‎(3:13 PM):
I don't think so, since you are able of giving rather good advices to me, even though you don't know, advices that, I felt better and not so fogged over with sorrow, would have taken upon
But now, since CoD4 pirate version don't want to work with me
I shall play HoMaM 5
Sid Meier ‎(3:22 PM):
play on non punkbuster servers should work
L ‎(3:23 PM):
It doesn't even start
Sid Meier ‎(3:23 PM):
1) could be theres the cod4 process still running even if you excited so do ctrl alt del and see
2) possible that you need to reboot or reinstall cod4
L ‎(3:24 PM):
I've reinstalled trice
Sid Meier ‎(3:24 PM):
odd really odd
vista? tried running under administration mode?
L ‎(3:24 PM):
worked before, then I uninstalled
now, when reinstalling....it doesn't start
Sid Meier ‎(3:25 PM):
could be an issue with registry settings
L ‎(3:25 PM):
ach so
Sid Meier ‎(3:25 PM):
may need to try system restore
L ‎(3:25 PM):
how do I fiddle with them?
Sid Meier


Did I do alright? I think 2 people ive known online have died recently. I dont want more.

EDIT: changed all instances of his name to "L".

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Most people don't realize it, but sleep deprivation is actually a pretty powerful drug. I may be making a judgment call here that you are someone who stays up late a lot playing videogames, so forgive me if I'm wrong on that, but I think that could be why your confederates are more desperated seeming than one would expect from, say, a softball team.

This line stood out to me:
"She says she can't be happy with me anymore,"

You think? A person does not go from emotionally healthy to what this guy is just from a break-up. That's just my guess. Of course I'm not a psych professional, and certainly you've tried to steer him in that direction. If I could offer advice, become a broken record on the "see a professional" thing. If you have any way of knowing who or where he is, contacting law enforcement is actually your responsibility. (At least, this is the case in places I have lived which is mostly Utah.)

[ March 28, 2008, 01:35 PM: Message edited by: pooka ]

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Don't say you don't really trust doctors right after your advice is to go to a doctor, and if he says he trusts you about your advice don't belittle that by belittling yourself.

But you tried good, man. I have to commend you on that one. I was going to tell you to get him help no matter what he says he wants, but he's just a face on the internet instead of someone you know in real life. And part of me wants to say that he sounds a bit melodramatic and that the whole computer conversation was a big switch in gears and he's probably not terribly suicidal.

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Overall, I'd say you did this the right way. If you were volunteering for a psych helpline, you might get a few post-call pointers from your team leader, but in the main, you were great.

The best thing, though, is that you were engaged in the conversation -- invested -- and you consistently stuck with the "suicide is not the answer" angle.

It is, by the way, VERY difficult to hold your end up in a dialog like this. You did very well.

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Flaming Toad on a Stick
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Originally posted by Bob_Scopatz:
It is, by the way, VERY difficult to hold your end up in a dialog like this. You did very well.

QFT. Way to be, man.
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"A person does not go from emotionally healthy to what this guy is just from a break-up."

Some women are better at "tearing your heart out and stomping that sucker flat" than others (I paraphrased the late, very great, Mr. Lewis Grizzard). However, I'd say you do have some kind of point. Neither of us knows the guy in question, though, so we can't judge, or at least I can't.

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Most people don't realize it, but sleep deprivation is actually a pretty powerful drug.
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Kudos, Blayne--I think you did really well. Although posting it nearly verbatim here might not be the best tactic, overall. I'd consider making it a mayfly, or at least deleting the edited transcript.
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