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Author Topic: Oops. My psychosis is showing...
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Do you ever have the overwhelming (and seemingly never-ending) fear that your best work is behind you?

Doesn't that suck?

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No. I have honestly never felt that way. LOL if my best work is behind me I shudder to think what I will write tomorrow...
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While I sometimes fear that might be true in other aspects of my life, I'm never felt that way about my writing.
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Man... I wish... then I at least *had* a best work at some point...
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No, not really. I still notice improvements in my writing. The only thing I sometimes feel concerned with is that I can't intellectualize what I like about the stories that have worked for me. Sometimes it feels pretty uncontrolled. But I suppose that's all right.
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Since I've never published anything and have only started writing my own stories (as opposed to fanfiction) with any degree of seriousness a couple of years ago, it would be pretty bad if I felt that my best work was already behind me.

But I can see how that feeling would suck!

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I've had that feeling a couple times. I've found that if I go back and read everything I've written, it passes pretty quickly .
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I think that thinking there will be a
'best', whether before or behind you, is simply wrong.

Life is change. Your writing will always change. Get used to just being aware of the change, and don't fear it. It is as natural as breathing, and just as necessary.

Sorry for geting all philosophical there, but I'm in that kind of mood. Since I can't just go out and punch someone, I wax philosophical instead.

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Hey, now...please don't kick youself with such self-defeating thoughts. Doesn't do you any good at all, except make you miserable. Have fun with writing, and experience what comes out!
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You know, CV, all you have to do is keep up a thirst for living and learning. Life and experience have a way of "deepening" your perspective. And with that, comes a broader insight into your writing. If you feel off, take a little break. Read some good books, join a reader's group, do your best to enjoy life, stay positive and and the writing will come back to you, better than ever.
I left off writing for eight years to get my MBA and ESL and change careers, and when I came back, I did so much better than before just because I had a new, broader perspective. I'm not suggesting you wait as long as I had to, but I think a little time off can be a good thing sometimes. Just make it USEFUL time off. Good luck to you!

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I'm always terrified that my most recent short story idea has been my last. Always.

Luckily, I have a novel to work on, and after a while, something else always pops up.

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Wow. Quick replies.

Now, I envy those of you who answered in the negative with a magnitude I'd never though possible. I'm constantly doubting my skills (or lack thereof), but I think it speaks to my love for the craft that I'm still doing this. (Not that I'm gloating, as I realize it might sound). I've never felt as frustrated as I sometimes do when I sit down in front of my computer or at a desk with the intent to write. But I it's part of the fun, isn't it, to endure doubt and confusion and frustration, and (hopefully) end up with something you're proud of.

Being here helps.


[This message has been edited by cvgurau (edited March 31, 2005).]

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Pyre Dynasty
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I think that almost everytime I finish something. (Other times I know it.) But it goes away once I start on the next project.
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CV, you're in your early twenties, right? And already you feel the weight of the world...

Your best years are to come, my friend. And when your reach your 30's, you'll look back at your 20's and think: "I'm so glad I'm 30-ish."

Trust me. Your best stuff has yet to come. Let me explain:

Throughout my twenties I played in various rock and blues bands. I wrote a lot of songs. Some of them were good, even.

Now, I don't play in bands anymore, but I still write songs. Every one of them better than anything I had ever written in my twenties. A lot better, and good enough that a friend of mine, who scores films and TV for a living, has used a few in his work.

Some things just get better as you get older, and creativity is one them. Writing will be one of them. There is no substitute for experience. (Not saying that young people can't write brilliantly... not at all. I'm just saying don't fret... you'll have plenty of ideas and time to do some amazing things.)

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