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Author Topic: Did You Write? Sept.08,2008
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Did You Write? Sept.08,2008
I am sorry about last week, I got carried away with things. I forgot to post.
This is a chance for you to brag about your accomplishments, cry about your failures, and otherwise tell about your life.
This is an attempt to prompt myself, and the rest of you, into writing. It gives a weekly goal to report what you are up to or to admit that you are a failure to society by not writing. You can then give imaginative excuses for not writing, effort that should have gone into writing......
I consider writing, anything new of course. Any editing, even if it is someone else's work. It is poetry, blogging, article writing, world building if one gets something on paper, and even E-mails, if they are long and pertain to writing. There are others if you choose to call it writing.

I have done some writing this past two weeks.
I finished my first Waxy vacation story and it ended up page 10 with 5749 words. My writing partner edited it, then I gave it another once over and it is now to page 16 with 7727 words, most of the extra words were hers.
My writing partner sent a version of the same story from her character's point of view, covering the same time period but a different place. they end at the same place. She wrote 7 pages with 4356 words along with the heavy edit I added to it. We bounced that back and forth between us also. My next project is to combine the two, alternating different scenes for one full story.
Finally, I wrote a piece, mostly the backbone story with only limited description or dialog in many sections that came out to three pages at 1783 words. My writing partner is splitting what I wrote into two stories, the trip from the airport to the house has become a full blown adventure, which I had as a simply drive through. the activities at the house I had, will be a completely separate story.
It looks like our vacation will be a good thirty Waxy story adventures when we are done.

ON the story idea front, I ended the month of August with only 19 story ideas covering 30 pages at 17787 words. That is not too bad considering I was recovering from surgery on my hand and went on a two week vacation.
This month I am doing better. Tonight is Idea number 14, and It is only the eighth. I only have to end this month six story ideas ahead and I will be even for the year.

ON the health front, My finger is usable but the end digit is still not working. Thursday, I will be seeing the doctor to see when and if there will be corrective surgery to clean the tendons so they won't be stuck the way they are now. I would rather go through the discomfort of the surgery now and have full use of the finger.

We have had a couple hurricanes pass us by recently. Hanna gave us some heavy rain one morning and some stronger than normal winds, but that was about it. We get thunderstorm at times that are that bad or worse.
We have Hurricane Ike passing "below" us. The wind has picked up already. From what I understand, Hurricane Hanna will have been worse for us that what we will be getting from Hurricane Ike.
I feel for those who will actually get the storm. I find that with local people, individuals and newscasters, don't care where the storm goes as long as it is not us.

A story idea from above, is where a spider web like space station is in the path of a fast moving asteroid field. It could be that a large asteroid was launched by the enemy and blow up by the remains of the military. There is nothing left to stop the remains that are hurdling at them.
The population, being in the nodes of the spider web, cheer when a chunk does not hit them. Bit by bit, the space station is broken apart. The Last survivors cheer when the other last node is smashed apart by the last node. then they come to the realization that whatever was left of the space station is drifting away from them, whatever they have in their node, is all they have to survive on. they suddenly feel guilty at being happy other nodes got hit.
If it is not an asteroid hitting them, it could be a series of missiles from an alien ship. The defending fleet sacrificed themselves by flying directly into the missiles to knock them out, to keep them from hitting the space station. There were more missiles than defenders so the station gets hit, node by node, anyway.

As to the question of the week,
Yes, I did write

Did you write?

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Yeah, I did. I am still shooting for more when I get home, but I'm almost at 21,000 words.

...and welcome back rstegman.

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Yes. I'm plodding away at a minimum 100 words a day. Usually I get more pulled out like pulling infected teeth -- which is what I also had done today. Ouch...ow ow ow.

Someday I'm going to come back to this story and wipe all the mud off it, clean it up, and polish so somebody might want to read it.

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I have a beatiful outline sitting in front of me, and a few crumpled false-starts. Usually this is due to a lack of development ahead of time. But this week it was something more... fatigue. Is there a magic pill out there to help one get enough energy to write without the task sapping his life away? Preferably one with no costs and no negative side-effects.
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I DID I DID I DID!! and didn't do enough...or what I wanted to finish.

I hit a point in the story where I already have 55 pages written and just needed to link up what I was writing with what I had previously written.

Once that "golden spike" is nailed in I'll have over 100 pages written!

Hope to accomplish that tonight.


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I'm somewhat guilty of fluffing off this past week. That always happens when I finish a story (in this case, my young adult novel is DONE!!!!).

I did manage to work on one of my SF short stories, so all was not a total loss.

Ask me this same question next week, and I'll have a lot more to talk about.


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I did!

I'm merging a story back together.I'm now at the major re-write section and trying to figure out which scenes to keep, alter. move and which to throw out. It sounds easy but it means I'm throwing 80K words up in the air and watching 40K land in a brand new order. EEEKK!!!

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Robert Nowall
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Managed to get things together on Sunday and write up a single five hundred words of an interpolated scene into my narrative. Still got a couple others, and some further on beyond that.

It's been a little busy...but, then, when I'm more inspired, I can usually find the time to do something despite being busy...

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Welcome back, rstegman! You'll let us know how tomorrow's appointment goes, won't you?

I did write. Excluding internet postings (which would be a pain to track), I wrote roughly 5,000 words. I realized that at my current pace, my first science fiction novel will be ready to workshop in February 2009. That timeline includes a rewrite of the novel so I can fix scenes that correspond with an old outline.

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I did! I'm not breaking any typing records but I feel like I might be getting somewhere with my novel - finally...
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You know the old adage "when it rains it pours" I think this can be applied to writing, at least my writing.

I go through long famines and dryspells, but eventually I hit a spot where the ideas just flow and words pour onto the page, like a tropical storm, and I can put down as many as 10,000+ words in a day, needing only minor editing.

Then I can do nothing for weeks.

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No. Ouch and that hurts. Got back from my sisters wedding in Ohio, and we drove 15 hours its says. But my 2 year old duaghter decided to potty train herself on the way out so, every hour or so, bathroom break. which wasnt bad, until on the way home my 4 year old daughter relized that if she said she had to go to the bathroom she got out of the car, so it was every 20 minutes for the first 3 hours or so.

Then, Taxes, yes I know that was supposed to be April, but my buisness taxes were on extension unitl Sept 15th, so I had to spend the rest of last week doing that.

But, this week looks good so far.

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