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Author Topic: Did You Write? Nov 03, 2008
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Did You Write? Nov 03, 2008
This is a place where you can brag about your accomplishments, cry about your failures, and otherwise tell about your life.
You can expect this note each week. It gives you a goal. Write something some time during the week so you have the privilege to report that you wrote something. It does not have to be much, even a paragraph is enough. If you wrote the right word, it is writing.
Of course, I have things I consider writing and list them each week as suggestions. What you consider writing may be different, and you might include other things. As long as you consider it writing, go ahead and claim it.
Any new writing, of course, is writing. Editing, even if it is someone else's work, is writing. So is Poetry. Article writing, blogging, writing assignments, are all writing. World building can be writing as long as something gets on paper. E-mails can be writing, as long as they pertain to writing and are wording. As said before, your definition can be different.

I got an idea for a Waxy Dragon story that would not let me go. The idea came from mis-hearing the phrase Gargling with Listerine. I changed that to Gargoyling with Mrs Clean (avoiding a copy right issue) It flowed real fast, then bogged down a bit, though I did not have time to work on it anyway. I stopped on Page 5 with 3571 words. The page five is the last line, plus my word count that I do on stories I am writing so I can see my improvements.

On the story idea front. I finished the month of October with 31 story ideas, on page 54 with 33,067 words. A novel every five months at this rate....

It just dawned on me. All my page counts are single spaced, not double spaced. That means I am doing a novel very two and half months....

I get my finger surgically fixed on the 11th, which likely means single handed typing for a while, though I know I am supposed to use the finger to keep the tendons from sticking like they did. I saw a foot doctor this week and will be getting fitted orthotics later this month, to help correct a foot problem I have had for years. The symptoms got worse this year.

I went to a bunch of antique shops this weekend. I ran out of drool half way through, but kept going. I saw a commercial wash tub, a big wooden box with a wash board and a wringer. I saw some outstanding ivory carvings. some make my best, most detailed carvings look like they were done with a blind three year old wearing mittens. Ivory is expensive. I saw a walnut sized carving of a curled up bat. It was so cute. I asked the price and gasped. $400. I guess I am going to have to try to carve my own.
One shop thought they might be interested in my woodworking, so I will drop by there to see how interested they are in my work. I don't have high hopes.

As to the question of the week,
Yes, I did write.

Did you write?

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I started editing a writing exercise I did October of LAST year (07). It was a brain dump exercise in Immediate Fiction: A Complete Writing Course by Jerry Cleaver but I really like the idea/characters I came up with (just been too busy to do anything with it... ok ok I've been procrastinating BAD). I'm going to try and use the Snowflake Method to get the whole story down now.

I also brainstormed on a new project for a personal writing group I started with some coworkers. I've got until Monday (Nov 10) to finish at least 500 words (probably more). I also setup a forum for the group ( www.writingscifi.com ).

Today, I setup Tom's Tiddler from Liberty Hall to use for my projects. It's definitely the most insane HTML page I've ever looked through.

So, in short, I did write this week

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Rommel Fenrir Wolf II
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Too tell the truth I was WAY too busy doing Army BS. And will be for the next work week. I have had a bout 5 hours alone by myself today and I spent it sleeping. And now I am about to go to bed for I got lots more Army BS to deal with tomorrow.
But I have thought of some grate ideas to scribe down once I refine them more in my head.

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Oooh! Did I write? Finally I started my second attempt at a novel. I just finished the first chapter and it feels so nice! I'd forgotten what it was like to write something I feel so excited about. The whole world just fades away until it's just me and my characters. And even when bad things happen to them I'm usually just an interested spectator.


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Yes, I wrote for four stories, including my NaNoWriMo project, and met my word count goals for the week. I also blogged on my experiences at the MileHiCon.
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I did, and am (up to 55,500 words, so far) still writing.
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Yes! over 5200 Nano words written, most of them beautiful glorious junk. My inner editor is on vacation in Tahiti, all is well in the world. Now if only someone could arrange a server shutdown of Hatrack and Facebook, I might actually get some *real* writing done.
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Robert Nowall
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I managed, on Saturday, November 1st, to dig out one of my old first draft manuscripts and start retyping five hundred words of it. I'd intended to make a start on the first of the month. It seemed to go well. I still like the story and characters.

Then things got busy on Sunday and Monday and I couldn't get back to it. Sunday was the time change and cooking a family meal...a good chunk of Monday was tied up with putting together mail ballots for a union election.

The time change didn't help---it tired me out some, though I did like driving home in the light instead of the dark.

Still, I'll have time today. I plan to be up late watching election returns---boy, that'll tire me out more than the time change---and in between I should be able to crank out a few words while listening with one ear to the pundits.

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In an unusual blitz of creative energy, I've managed to kamakazi through about 20,000 words during the course of last week. I've finally gotten into the "zone" where I was able to write every day, for at least an hour on the story.

Of course, football over the weekend ruined that mindset, so it'll be a battle to get it back.

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Lots of good writing this past week. Have now logged 5890 edit-free words for WriMo! KayTi, I think my inner editor is drinking Mojitos with yours in Tahiti.

I have lots of helpful crits back on three stories now, so perhaps I will spend my non-nano time editing this week.

I also submitted a new story this weekend to everyday fiction! So I may be able to up my Race score this week.


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Yes I did. I finished up a story late last week and sent it off to F&SF. That gave me 13 points in the Dean Wesley Smith "Race" system. I hit 13 on Halloween without even meaning to, so I thought that was pretty cool.

I don't have any fresh story ideas now, but that's okay because I've got some first reader feedback I need to revise for.

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Finished some backstory bits in my wotf entry. Wrote a lot about backstory in The Study Group thread including an example for study. I'm feeling pleased with my output.
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Only about 3k since The first but only because I keep going back and editing. The 1000 I wrote yesterday has not been looked at. If I can keep that inner editor at bay my words should multiply.

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5300 words for Nano. Now time to get off hatrack and back to work!
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i've got about 5k for nano. i think alot of mine is that 'beautiful glorious junk' too. what fun it is to just write and not worry about it.
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Doc Brown
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I'm on pace to hit 6,000 words by tonight, but it's not strictly Nano stuff because a) some of my words were written before November 1st and b) I'm shooting for a novella, not a novel.
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