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Author Topic: Did You Write? November 24, 2008
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Did You Write? November 24, 2008
This your prompt to report whether you kept with your goal for the week. Each week, I post this note in hopes that you will look at it as a reason to write something, anything, during the week. Hopefully, it helps. I do know I keep it in mind as the weekend arrives. I don't always get to write, but I make up for not writing, by posting a very long note about why I did not get to write anything.
Just about anything can be called writing. I have my favorites as to what is writing, but they are really only suggestions.

As for me, I did write. I went from the beginning of page twelve, to the end of page twelve, where my word count is on the last line, on my rewrite of the Waxy Birth story. I added 864 words to the piece, while zapping some things and adding others. I am finally into some new scenes of the story. I will have to go through the entire thing and add more to it.
One thing I have not quite decided on is whether to have a point of view change in the story. Most of the point of view is following Waxy. I do follow the adults once in a while, but these are really Waxy stories. I have followed the one who Waxy will known as Bubblehead so far but do want to change to Waxy's point of view, since she is the main character of the stories. The problem I am dealing with is there is so much going on that needs the knowledgeable adult's experience and point of view. I am beginning to think that I won't change to her point of view until they get to his house.
Another problem I have is that Waxy does not like Bubblehead in the rest of the stories. I have not quite worked out how he is caring for a newly hatched baby dragon and she is accepting, somewhat, of him, yet she will not like him later. I will work this out later.

I have done well on my story ideas. Tonight, November 24th, I will be posting my 26th story idea for the month. I will end the month at minimum, even, but I am not sure about next month.
I am going to be going for surgery on my hand on the 28th, the day after Thanksgiving. I will be spending most of next month with my hand bandaged up so I cannot use it. I can type, but one handed is slow and not as accurate as I would like. All I really need is to be able to hit the shift key.

I am trying to work on a Christmas dinner display in wood. I hoped to be farther along by now but my feet have not allowed me to. I am doing plates right now. I found I can only do one an hour, and three is the maximum I can do before my feet give out completely. I will be getting my orthotics next week and that may well help on how long I can stay on my feet. There will be some time getting used to them, but I doubt I will go through worse bother than what I go through when I am on my feet too long. It will just hurt in other places.
I mentioned last week that I dinged up my truck. It has been a week and the repair shop finally has the estimate and the check. If they find more damage, they can raise the fee. I am driving a rental now. All I can say is that it is not my pickup truck.....

On my Christmas table display, I have wooden silverware made but not finished, I have a set of goblets too. I need a set of six plates and am not having the luck I hoped I had with the method of making them. I have some serving plates I need to make, and also some of the food. A bit of that can be cheated on, such as using shavings to make lettuce for a salad. I also have to make coffee cups, regular cups, and bowls for each place setting.
One big project I want to do is to do a turkey. I have the general idea of how I want to make one, but I have questions on the details. I doubt I will get the turkey done by the end of the year. It will require more time than I have. I will have a lot of hand grinding to do after I do the hollowing and rough shaping.
Luckily, I do have some things already made that can add to the scene if I do get it close to be done. I have candle sticks, pies, and other containers.
When I do finish this project, I will have a something to really impress, even if I am not spectacular at making the actual pieces.

As to the question of the day,
I can say

Did you write?

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Yes, I wrote about 10,000 words for my Nano story, falling short of my goal.

On a positive (and somewhat unrelated) note, I was offered permanent employment last week. I've been unemployed since July. One of my favorite benefits of the new job, which I started today, is the office's location: a stone's throw from the city library. Yay!

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I'm up just past 40k on my Nano project, so yes! I wrote. It's been pure drudgery until this evening, when I had one of those awesome writerly flashes (in the shower, of course, where no paper or pen can be found! I raced to finish so I could write it all down, then promptly misplaced the notepapers...) where I figured out what I needed to with the story, tying up loose ends, working in a cool turn of events that brings everything together and brings clarity to the previous 40k words i've written. I'm very excited now to finish this bad boy, 6 more days, 10k words, wish me luck!
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I did. I am. But it's not enough!!!!
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Robert Nowall
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A couple of times here and there at five hundred words a shot, but my week got busy and my production rate went down. I hope to pick it up again post-Thanksgiving, at least before things get Christmas season busy at my job.

I spent about two hours on Saturday, time that I might've spent part of doing a little writing, shredding a three months back accumulation of mail. You wouldn't think it would take that long, but my current shredder is on the dinky side and has to cool down (or some such) for every ten minutes of use. Next year I think I'll buy a more expensive heavy duty model...

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I rewrote a chapter of my novel, and wrote the first and second draft of a 5000 word short story. I critique four peer stories.
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Yes, I participated in my first Liberty Hall flash challenge, and was pleased with the result.

I wrote halfway through a draft of a new story, my first writing collaboration, then got sidetracked with revisions.

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Rommel Fenrir Wolf II
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um the only wrighting i did was a 2000 word esay on Army PT, because i got intruble for sleeping through PT.

and to tell the truth it i only wrote 1350 words adnn turned it in.


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I did!!!

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I worked on my first 13 for one of my WIPs in the short story section and some on another WIP. I also started editing one of tchan's short stories for when he gets back so a good week for me considering years of not writing at all! Off to work on my WIP for a bit before bed.

rstegman, good luck with the surgery! I just had ACL reconstruction in my knee several weeks back. It is a tough road after surgery but I hope all goes well.


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Writing for me this past week has been a challenge. My primary PC is down (I suspect it's a bad video card), but I was able to load my WIP (and a few other things) onto a flash drive before the screen clutter became too unreadable. Each evening, I load the files onto another PC, do my writing, then upload the new versions back to my flash drive. Monotonous, but it's not stopping me from writing the story.

The bad part is that all my other stories are on the original hard drive, and will more than likely stay there until I can drum up the money to replace the video card / have everything from that hard dribve transferred to another / have the PC diagnosed to see if there's not a more serious issue lurking. Stay tuned.

But, yes, I did write.


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Doc Brown
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In November I wrote almost a complete Novelette. I turned out pretty well and I'm happy with it.
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i added about 4k to nano, not much. its going slow. i'm anxious to finish so i can let that inner editer free.
i'll admit i've let the inticement of other projects get the better of me. i've written some poetry and spent some precious free time doing research about poetry and reading quite a bit.

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