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Author Topic: Did You Write? 12-08-08
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Did You Write? 12-08-08

Another week has arrived. It is time to answer the question of the day, DID YOU WRITE AT ANY TIME DURING THE WEEK? Here is a place to brag about your accomplishments, or cry about your failures, and otherwise tell about what has been going on in your life.
Everybody knows that any new writing, is writing. One should also remember that editing, even if it is someone else's work, poetry, world building as long as something gets on paper, articles, blogging, writing assignments, are also considered (by me anyway) as writing. Also E-mails, as long as they are long and writing related, can also be thought of as writing. Other items can also be writing if one gives it some thought.

As for me, Yes, I can say I wrote. I worked on a Waxy story where she is taken to work with a blacksmith. I got to Page 2 with 1000 words, not too bad for two short sessions. If you notice, I am working in the same world, but leaping around between different stories all the time. I should concentrate on one and finish it, but when I don't have much time to write, I have to work on what has the most excitement.

I am keeping up on the story ideas for the month. I plan to get ahead this weekend to handle the later part of the month.

My hand is healing well. I went to the therapist, after spending a week of being careful with it. She grabbed my hand and squeezed my finger closed, quite painfully. I was shocked. I have full motion when using my other hand to move it, but cannot use the muscles of the finger yet. I have to work the finger, curling it ten times, each hour. Those hours seem to come fast. At the end of the day, my finger huts quite a bit.

On the woodworking front, I checked on the antique shop that has my stuff. the owner purchased a wooden pear to complete an antique item he had. I think it was used as a cork. That is more than I expected to sell, so that was something.
Today, I took my ornaments to work and my boss, my biggest benefactor on wood sales. He purchased four of my ornaments today. That was nice. It was also a very big surprise.
This weekend, I made some saucers for my dinner table display. I now have four that are similar. I am surprised they are that close. I need two more about the same, but will make four more, in hopes that two will be passable. I can always use the others for something else.
I have already decided I won't have time to get this ready for any holiday. I am now aiming for the art show I do in May. This will allow me to work on other things too.
I work on my woodworking like my writing. I work on what is exciting at the moment as I have limited time to work.

So, as to the question of the week, I can say I did write.


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Robert Nowall
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I managed five hundred words a day, every day except Friday, a much better week then the last couple-of. Still all in reworking all written material, though I've got some notes-in-my-head for something I've got to write down.

It's been a hectic week, busy at work, problems at work, and, just this afternoon, a shooting incident just down the street that sealed up the area for awhile. (I'm not involved but I know the people.)

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Yes, I did. (And still am, despite this wretched cold.)
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Finally, Yes. It has been a long haul with work and all. But this week I retouched some scenes in a short story, and started another. Not many words but was nice to be writing again on a nightly basis.
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I wrote. I'm enjoying my five hundred words a day goal. I didn't think it'd work for me, but it does.
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Creeping along. This is the last week of the semester so *sigh* life intervenes. I'm writing a technical report for my final project, but I'm not counting that. :P
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Sadly I didn't. Between a work week or two that was busy as hell, a sick household, pre-holiday meet-ups, preparing to move, and preparing for holidays I just didn't have the energy to move off the couch for that hour or two I had free. How do people do it!?!?


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A little, better than none. Yeah! Everything looks rosy with Christmas carols playing...
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Yes I did. I finished a short story and worked a little on poetry.
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Yes. I'm in the middle of a rewrite of the draft of the second book. That's slow and I can't say that I wrote that many NEW words on that. I cut some old ones, though.

I've also started a "short story". This isn't really intended to go anywhere. I decided I needed to write out the history between the protaganist and his family and the villain so that I can give more depth to the villain. I want more detail than the character abstract I already have, so I'm writing it as a story, even though it won't make a true stand-alone short story. I've done this before, writing out the previous relationship between two characters. Then I used that to inform their current feelings about each other.

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Yes, I did. I wrote my first ever Liberty Hall Flash challenge and worked on revisions of my WoTF entry. I also started a new short that has stalled, but I figure I will get to it when it comes to me.


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Robert Nowall
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Probably this belongs in next week's thing, but...yesterday was, and probably today will be, a washout. I spent about six hours helping count ballots in our union local election---I'm on the committee for it, so, short of being deathly ill (other'n the mildly ill I am nearly all the time), I should be there.

Adding substantially to the time was that the vote count for one office was a tie. I, personally, counted the ballots three times. This consumed more time...and yet more was consumed by deciding what to do about it. (Right now the plans are to hold another election right away.)

Because of this, I got home late and got only three-and-a-fraction hours of sleep...from which I had to get up and put in a hard day's night in our busiest season...so the end result is I'm worn out, didn't write anything yesterday, and may not write anything today before going to bed (hopefully, early).

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I managed only 550 words yesterday. At that point my wife arrived home with yummy pastries and new toys for the computer (ie, distractions) and my tired brain wanted to cheat and resort to exposition.

Time to step away from the computer.

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